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Top Time Management and Productivity Tools

Rescue Time

Prioritizes what's important, logs time and improves focus

Focus Booster

Stay focused on one job at a time using the pomodoro technique


To try the thousands of add-ons available here, download Mozilla Firefox, a fast, free way to surf the Web!

Be Limitless

Productivity app - extension for Google Chrome


Store contacts from business cards

Last Pass

One place to store all of your passwords

Focus At Will

Develop concentration skills

Productivity Owl

Chrome extension that blocks distracting websites


Chrome extension to keep user on task.


Securely autosaves passwords upon login.

Priority Matrix

An app that can sync w your calendar so that user can prioritize using the Steven Covey priority matrix.

The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. These intervals are known as "pomodori", the plural of the Italian word pomodoro for "tomato". The method is based on the idea that frequent breaks can improve mental agility.

SweetProcess · Document Your Standard Operating Procedures With Ease

SweetProcess makes documenting standard operating procedures (SOPs) easy and efficient. Share procedures with a team and more. Try it free.

HabitClock - An Alarm Clock That Leads To Success

Start changing your life by changing your alarm clock. HabitClock not only wakes you up but also helps you perform morning routines that will improve your daily mood and productivity. Change your life like all the other successful people in the world do - with morning routines. Right now.

Way of Life - The Ultimate Habit Building App

Fantastic application, even nicer developer So, I have used about all the goal tracking apps out there. Habit Factor, Habits, Streaks.. you name it. But all of them didn't do exactly what I wanted, nor did they look sleek. The way of Life does!It shows me with one glance what I did well and what I didn't in one week.

Schedule emails (Gmail) to send later | email reminders, recurring emails, email tracking

Right Inbox for gmail has rapidly become a quintessential tool to cue up emails and keep my conversations moving forward. After any given week of cold email outreach, I can easily have 50 plus email follow-ups to cue up. Sunday night is dedicated to just that task.

How To Schedule Email On Your Mac - AUTOMATOR

Apple's Mail app doesn't come with a scheduler by default, but that doesn't mean you can't prepare messages in advance and send them at a later point in time, using AUTOMATOR.


TextExpander takes you beyond time saving. Never type the same text again, type custom shortcuts you expand into frequently-used text and pictures on Mac, iPhone, iPad and PC.

Hell Yeah or No - by Derek Sivers

From the book "Anything You Want" - by Derek Sivers See for more info Transcript at

Freedom: Internet, App and Website Blocker

Freedom blocks apps, websites or the entire Internet on iPhones, iPads, Windows and Mac computers. Be more focused and productive - try for free today.

Noisli - Improve Focus and Boost Productivity with Background Noise

Noisli is a fantastic background noise and color generator for working and relaxing. Online soothing ambient sounds like White noise, Rain and Coffee Shop.

I Done This - Your team,in-sync

I Done This gives helps you track your own progress, and understand what your team is working on, too.

Timely – Automatic Time Tracking for Freelancers and Teams

Focus on your work and Timely will do your time tracking automatically in the background. When you're ready, simply choose what should be included. It's amazingly simple.




Simple time tracking, fast online invoicing, and powerful reporting software. Simplify employee timesheets and billing. Get started for free.