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Career Advice & Planning

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Templates, Objectives, Skills, Oh My! Résumé No-No's you Might be Committing

Image Source: Flickr Your résumé is the first impression a company gets of you, making it the most pivotal part of the entire hiring process. Assuming you never get called back, it is safe to say there is something inherently wrong with what you are sending potential employers. Before sending out yet another rejection, objectively …

The Top 10 Fashion Mistakes Men & Women Make in the Office

There are some definite rules you should stick to at work if you want to make the right impression and be well-perceived by colleagues and superiors.

5 Simple Ways Men Can Add Style to a Professional Look

On the whole, men are usually less concerned about style than women are. Fortunately, most stylish looks for men are pretty straightforward and simple.

Saying So Long: Pros and Cons of Moving for Your Job

Whether your job has moved, or you are in a place where you have the opportunity to pursue a new job, you may be in an agony of indecision. A move is a big deal, and when a job is at the bottom of it, you may quickly realize that there are a lot of …

Career and Pregnancy: Stay Productive When You're Expecting

Staying at work while pregnant can be taxing. However, there are many ways to stay productive and efficient at work, despite the setbacks pregnancy brings.