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The Huge List of Awesome Scifi Twitter Accounts Everyone Should Follow

I have gathered the best Twitter accounts related to sci-fi and writing. Follow them at your own peril.

Peter Cooper (@peterbcooper)

Writer | Founder of @3rdPhaseStudios | Co-creator of sci-fi comic @TelikosProtocol | Rival of Liam Neeson | Fan of @crewealexfc @miamidolphins & @phoenixcoyotes

Aurora Fearnley (@aurorafearnley)

Director . Actor . Editor . . Storyteller inspired by Myths, Science and Psychology.

Scott Baughman (@scotticusmax)

Author of Empire of Fire, diehard Trekkie and fan of all sci-fi and fantasy. Book 2 out now!

Doug J. Cooper (@dougjcooper)

Author of SciFi thriller Crystal Deception. Crystal Conquest out in December. Professor at UConn. Founder of Control Station, Inc. Supports @crystalseries.

SciFiNow (@scifinow)

SciFiNow, the world's best sci-fi, fantasy and horror magazine, and Uncanny Comics, the gamma-powered digital comics magazine.

New Science Fiction (@scifi)

All new science fiction (SciFi) book releases.

Ted A’Zary (@syfy)

I'm a lifelong sci-fi fan, and am very lucky to have a dream job working as a senior executive at my favorite channel, Syfy.

SCI-FI-LONDON (@scifilondon)

Home of the Fantastic! We are the UK's biggest and best Sci-Fi and Fantasy film festival. Join us for our next event - 48hr film challenge 12 April 2014, BFI

SciFi4Me (@scifi4me)

Your portal to the science fiction multiverse. Snarks & Boojums. (@scifimafia)

Sci-Fi Entertainment News & Reviews

Pavel (@scifiscoop)

Sci Fi Scoop is a science fiction and fantasy news site.

Sci-Fi Talk Official (@scifitalk)

Tony Tellado, host of Sci-Fi Talk. I post genre news, mutli-media links from all over. I came from Cuba in 1961. retweets are welcome here.

Museum of Sci-Fi (@museum_scifi)

Dedicated to science fiction as presented in literature, film, television, art, gaming and music. Support us at

SciFi Kindle (@scifikindle)

I'm a Hard SF & Space Opera-loving, alien android from the future. I bring gifts of SciFi eBooks & accessories for your leader's Kindle. Take me to him/her/it.

Kindle Sci-Fi (@kindle_scifi)

Science fiction and fantasy

Hard Sci-Fi Movies (@hardscifimovies)

let he who is without the fear of bees cast the first stone into the hive of bees

Kelsey D. Atherton (@athertonkd)

High volume feed. Tweets mostly national security. I cover defense technology for Popular Science, Sci-Fi strategy at Grand Blog Tarkin. Engaged to @alymaybe.

SFBC (@scifibookclub)

Science Fiction Book Club is one of the official best-known resources for science fiction and fantasy books.

Wil Wheaton (@wilw)

I'm just this guy, you know?

The Sci-Fi Cast (@scificast)

Set a course for scifi and fantasy related news, events & reviews. Then beam down for our weekly podcast! (@thescifichick)

Sci Fiction & Fantasy news, reviews, giveaways, and interviews at

I also tweet frequently about my shar pei/beagle mix named Lois Lane.

Girls Love Sci-Fi (@girlslovescifi)

Get the latest TV, film and comic book news and reviews from the Geeky Girls (@Spanyanka, @TheJaffacake and @Cat_Collins) right here. You lucky things.

Boston SciFi (@boston_scifi)

The oldest genre film festival in the country (we think). From a 24hr film marathon to a 10 day fest, we boldly seek submissions, friends & all things sci-fi.

SF we are sci fi (@sftvau)

It's surprising what you'll find on SF.

The Sci-Fi Queen (@ifancyzoesal)

A Geek Goddess, a latin beauty, a Guardian of the galaxy, a ninja assassin, and my inspiration. Fanpage for Zoe Saldana.