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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Jan 31, 2017
Headline for DIY Holiday: 10 DIY Ways to Wrap Your Gifts
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DIY Holiday: 10 DIY Ways to Wrap Your Gifts

Here are 10 creative ways to wrap those gifts. "What if we opened ourselves up to the gift? As of containers of futures, packages of potential, gifting reciprocity daily? No longer a privatized marketplace of taking. Instead, the socialized commonplace of giving" - Paths Toward Utopia.

Sewing Patterns as Wrapping Paper

Sewing patterns can be found pretty much anywhere-in a bin at a thrift shop, your granny's attic, or the bottom of your sewing bin. They make interesting wraps, and they're great for larger gifts.

Threadbanger Gift Wrapping Ideas

Threadbanger offers a wide range of videos for your DIY life. Here's a step by step video to watch when it's time to wrap.

Dish Cloth Gift Wrap

The best way to wrap and recycle is to wrap a gift in a gift. You can also knit a dishcloth or a wide scarf if you're feeling extra crafty-or can find slivers of free time.

Gift Bows from Recycled Paper

Cut up some old magazines to make that perfect bow to top it all off. It's sweet, smart, and responsible.


Old News Paper, Funnies, or Old Comic Books

Old News Paper, Funnies, or Old Comic Books

Find an old comic at a second hand shop, or the Sunday funnies, and wrap your gift up. It's colourful and eye catching.

Fabric Wrapping Paper

Find some colourful scrap fabric in a bin or at a second hand shop and wrap your gift in this forever usable material. A nice scarf will work well also.

Wrap a gift in a T-shirt

Wrap it up in an old shirt, or even better, stencil up an old t-shirt for an extra surprise. It can be all crafty and all thoughtful.

Recycled Gift Boxes

Recycled boxes are a great way to store gifts and re-create something new. You probably have plenty of cardboard in the recycling bin, so take the recycling into your own hands.

Maps as Wrapping Paper

Old maps are easy to find and they make beautiful pieces of wrapping paper. They're a reminder of the wider world around you.


Wrapping with a Paper Bag

Wrapping with a Paper Bag

The trusty ol' paper bag is perfect for the last minute too-drunk-too-lazy holiday person like me. It deserves a place on the list.