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Top Girls' Toys for 2016-2017 - Best Christmas and Birthday Gifts

Which toys are girls generally raving about this year? Here are some tips - lists, reviews and more info on the "best of the best" toys for girls for the Christmas holidays of 2016 and into 2017...


LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster Set #41130 (Ages 8-12)

Head through the turnstiles to the amusement park and stand in line for the roller coaster. Slip into the front seat to switch on the light brick and off you go - wheeeeeeeeeeee! Then take a gentle ride on the Ferris wheel or head to the drop tower, pull down your safety bar and go spinning down to the ground...

Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station (Ages 4-9)

Build a furry friend with the super-fun and easy-to-use Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station! You’ll bear-ly believe how much fun it is to create and customize these fuzzy, huggable friends!

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse (Ages 3-7)

With so many interactive and customization options, the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse is an absolute dream! Kids can personalize the two-story house in both digital and physical ways for classic play and high-tech fun...

FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon (Age 4 and up)

From deep inside an enchanted forest, tucked away in a colorful crystal cave, is a mischievous baby that has come to find his new best friend. Torch is full of fun and surprises! Press his charm and he can breathe flame-colored mist. Feed him his color-change treat! He responds to touch with 50+ sound and motion combinations...

SELFIE MIC Music Set (Ages 8-15)

Microphone meets selfie stick to take you beyond Karaoke. Using your free included partner app, Sing along to your favorite songs from a catalogue of over 3 million fully licensed songs with updates daily...

Top 10 Toys for Girls

For girls of all ages, the best toys this year include some choices for creators, adventurers and always a fun variety of toys that allow for a great deal of “let’s pretend.”

Where to Buy Toys for Girls Online

Here I will share some of my own useful tips and tricks on shopping for girls’ toys – some things I have learned in my own “toy hunter” experience...

Best Toys for Girls 2016 - Top 5 Gift Ideas Picks for Christmas and Birthday

What gift or toy to buy for a girl? While there is a nice variety of ages to pick from, the variety of toys for girls in 2016 are pretty amazing, the fact remains - some toys are just more loved than others...

Educational, Fun, Versatile, Creative: 2016’s Best Toys for Girls

The best toys for girls are ones that embody the aforementioned aspects. They allow little ladies of all personality types and interests to have loads…

Best Gift Ideas for Girls - 2016-2017 Top 5 Toys List

Which girls' toys overall are getting the most raves and great ratings? For girls of various ages, I have gathered quite a number of what I consider to be the best toys for girls for 2016 into 2017 - here are 5 of the top picks, along with some other handy related resources to dig a bit deeper...

Best Toys for Girls 2016

Some toys for girls are making huge hits this year, and are loved by many, many a young lady. Here are some tips to point in the direction of the "best of the best" girls' toy gifts in 2016...

Best Toys for Girls 2016

Kid-Mash mashup for the current year – top picks, reviews, lists, tips on the best toys for girls of all ages…

Best Rated Gifts for Girls - Top Toys of 2016

Which gift ideas are the best for girls this year? At least - in terms of, "Which toys are the most loved?" Here are some ideas to look over...

Best Toys for Girls - 2016 Summer and Fall Top 5 List

Compare prices on the current top ten list this year - best toys for girls of all ages...

Top 10 LEGO Sets for Girls

A few years back, the LEGO® company expanded its lineup of building sets to include some incredibly creative ideas, including some new sets that appeal especially toward the unique "let's pretend" imaginations of many young ladies. Today, this idea has moved into its own realm, with more and more girls enjoying the creative and imaginative play that this wonderful toy company has to offer...

50 DIY Gift Ideas

If you're anything like us you might have a few gifts still left on your to-get list. Why not create something homemade for those final few loved ones this holiday season. So we've put together another huge list of projects here from the blog that could a great, super personal gift. :) You could easily make these Sharpie mugs in less than thirty minutes. You can use your own personal...

These 3 High-Tech Toys Help Teach Girls to Stick with Science

For the past few years we've seen a concerted effort to equalize the numbers by attracting girls to the so-called hard sciences, usually referred to as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Toys that appeal to a girl's inner geek are going mainstream in a big way.

At Hasbro, Girls Toys Become a Big Market

Shortly after joining toymaker as a senior executive more than a decade ago, Brian Goldner took his 5-year-old daughter, Brooke, on a tour of headquarters. She wasn't impressed. "She put her hands on her hips and said, 'Dad, the way I see it, you don't have any toys for girls,' " recalls Goldner, who became chief executive officer in 2008.

Gender specific toys 'put girls off' maths and science, says Education Minister - Telegraph

In further remarks, Mrs Truss also: · Criticised the "too cool for school" attitudes displayed on reality TV shows such as Educating Yorkshire; · Renewed her backing for a longer 8am to 6pm school day, insisting the country had to move away from existing "Victorian"-style timetables; · Ruled out proposals suggested by Ofsted to introduce new tests for seven and 14-year-olds in England; · Called on schools to "pay top dollar" to get the best graduates into the classroom.

How to Hang Out with Your "Big Rig Buddies" Toys (for Girls)

The Big Rig Buddies are really awesome trucks (along with a helpful school bus and a quite humorous helicopter) who can stand up by lifting their front wheels off the ground as they push themselves up (except for about a few of them, but...

9 STEM-powered Toys for Little Programmers and Engineers

STEM toys for girls and boys teach kids math and engineering. Robot turtles, GoldieBlox, Roominate, littleBits, and Toca Builders are educational games that teach and entertain at the same time. Many independently funded and sold toys including a game to inspire girls in math and science.

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