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Headline for Job Search w. Aspergers
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Job Search w. Aspergers

Employment and Asperger's / adult autism: Job search advice and job search experiences (good and bad).

Interview Questions: An Overview | Dani Alexis

“In the interview, you only have to answer one question:“Will you do things the way we wish our employees would do them?”

If you've ever felt that interview questions deliberately fail to ask what the interviewer really wants to are correct.Both autistic and NT job-seekers get frustrated by the fact that interview questions so often seem to be "hiding the ball" ("the ball" being what the interviewer actually wants to know).

An Autistic Adult's Guide to Getting Hired | Dani Alexis

A plan to make a guide which outlines Dani’s top three pet peeves about job-search advice from an autistic person’s point of view.

After several years of producing articles, white papers, and whatnot on human resources and job-search advice, I'm giving serious thought to writing a guide to job-seeking for autistic adults. Because, while a lot of the advice out there is good as far as it goes, it usually doesn't go as far as giving us the advice...

Getting Hired | Alex Forshaw

I wrote a piece a couple years ago about my experiences with Aspergers and how it has affected my work. But what I didn't go into much detail about was the process of getting a job in the first place. This article is to address that deficit.

(Guest Post) Job Interview Advice: Clothes | Autisticook

First of all, thank you to Invisible Autistic for inviting me over to write a guest blog about job interviews! For my first post on job interviews, I would like to tackle something that seems straightforward but actually has a lot of hidden social implications: what to wear to an interview.There's a lot of advice...

(Guest Post) Job Interview Advice: Grooming | Autisticook

In my previous post, I discussed some of the unspoken rules around the clothes you wear to an interview. This week, I want to focus on something that I still struggle with: personal grooming. Yes, you've read that correctly. Apparently it's fairly common for individuals (both children and adults) on the spectrum to have problems...

(Guest Post) Job Interview Advice: Situation | Autisticook

In my previous post a couple of weeks ago, I discussed personal hygiene and what to do with accessories, like shoes and jewellery. Things that may seem superficial but have the ability to get you rejected for a job before you even open your mouth. This week we're going to enter the danger zone: what...

A better job interview | History of Bad Parties

The job interview for the part time interviewer job happened last week. I think it went well, although I can't really trust my gut feeling on these things. I'll know in a week's time whether I got the job.

'Someone more enthusiastic about the job' | History of Bad Parties

Job interview going subtly, invisibly wrong