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Market Research and Analysis Services

Research and anlaysis services provider - infoAnalytica specializes in reliable market research and analysis, and accurate business databases.

Market Research and Analysis Services, Business Database

Research and anlaysis services provider - infoAnalytica specializes in reliable market research and analysis, and accurate business databases. The research services that infoAnalytica provides include full service market research, competitive intelligence, demand generation and lead qualification and more.

Market Research Companies, Market Research Services

infoAnalytica offers cutting edge and decision critical market research services and market analysis solutions to its customers around the world. infoAnalytica is a full service market research company employing both primary and secondary research.

Field Market Research

infoAnalytica is a specialist market research provider that offers field market research services in the US and India. infoAnalytica supports clients with planning research objectives, research design, survey design, sampling and the execution of research and analysis to unearth actionable intelligence for critical business decisions.

Contact Database, Business Contact Database, Business Database

infoAnalytica provides custom business databases such as business email lists, business contact databases, company profiles and cross channel contact records for demand generation. infoAnalytica is a priority choice with it’s customers for generating qualified sales leads through the use of innovative data tools and verified data sources.

Market Intelligence, Market Intelligence Research

infoAnalytica provides it’s clients with valid, accurate and reliable market intelligence to support critical business decisions spanning a range of areas. Market intelligence research from infoAnalytica helps customers understand their business landscape and competitive factors.

Market Mapping, Market Mapping Services

infoAnalytica helps clients understand markets better through it’s market mapping services. With proven expertise in market mapping, InfoAnalytica is well equipped to handle the discerning needs of global and domestic clients and offers solutions and services including field market research, telephone surveys, secondary research and more.

Brand Analysis, Reputation Monitoring

infoAnalytica assesses VoC trends and the voice of the population for Brand Research and Reputation Monitoring to assess a company’s brand health, and prospect and customer perception of a client’s product or service mix. infoAnalytica uses customer and prospect opinions as well as primary research to provide insights into a company’s brand or reputation.

Market Entry Strategies, Market Entry Strategy, Market Entry Research

infoAnalytica is adept at assessing new or unfamiliar markets and target audiences for a product or service through market entry strategy and market entry research. infoAnalytica uses a combination of primary and secondary methods to generate clear insights to build the right Market Entry Strategies.

Social Media Research, Social Media Solutions

infoAnalytica provides social media research and social media solutions through text analysis that yields information on VoC trends, brand health and company reputation. The advantage with infoAnalytica’s social media solutions is highly accurate, verified information on how users of a product or service perceive a brand, product or services.

Social Media Analysis, Social Media Sentiment Analysis, Social Media Monitoring

With years of expertise backing their social media analysis services, infoAnalytica provides critical and accurate insights on customer perception and brand health. Applications for social media sentiment analysis and social media monitoring are in industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, retail, financial services, travel and hospitality and several more.

Competitive Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence Services, Competitor Intelligence

infoAnalytica has proven expertise with complex competitive intelligence and competitor intelligence services for a range of industries including high-tech, consumer electronics, e-commerce, software, Enterprise IT, travel and hospitality and several more. The competitive intelligence services offered by InfoAnalytica are backed by years of experience and a skilled team of highly trained professionals. infoAnalytica’s competitor intelligence leads to higher revenues and market shares for customer organizations.

Competitive Analysis, Competitive Market Research, Competitive Market Analysis

infoAnalytica is well known for offering result-oriented competitive analysis, competitive market research and competitive market analysis solutions that lead to better profitability and market shares for it’s clients. infoAnalytica has proven expertise with complex competitive analysis for a range of industries.

Buy Email Lists, Email Lists For Sale, Purchase Email List

infoAnalytica helps B2B clients buy email lists and telemarketing lists that are highly reliable and updated, from verified data sources and channels. Download our demand generation overview to assess whether you would like to purchase email lists. infoAnalytica can also pre-qualify and verify existing emails lists, and perform email, phone and social media appends to customer CRM data.