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What Does Your Twitter Landing Page Look Like?
Great Twitter marketing doesn't happen in a silo. Your customers have more than one touchpoint with your brand - they interact with your tweets, but they also visit your website, check out your Facebook page and read reviews on Google+.
7 Key Pieces of Advice about Web Content Strategy from Matt Cutts
By Sergio Aicardi published January 19, 2015 Google Webspam leader Matt Cutts is one of the most influential SEO advice sources. Before he took a voluntary temporary leave last July, he spent over 10 years giving detailed, precise, and sometimes lengthy explanations to many questions that businesses were asking.
What Great Data Visualization Looks Like: 12 Complex Concepts Made Easy
Perhaps today was a rough day. Maybe you woke up late. You missed your workout, then your bus, then closing elevator doors at work. Maybe that project of yours is getting you down and if one more person tells you tomorrow is another day you're going to scream.
5 Steps to Run Effective Large-scale Content Projects
By Aubrae Wagner published January 18, 2015 Large content projects involve lots of content creation, be that content in the form of words, images, or videos in a relatively short time. Is such a project on your road map, but you're not sure where to get started?
Experts Share Visual Content Mistakes to Avoid
By Chuck Frey published January 16, 2015 Like words, graphics and images can be powerful tools - but they must be used with great care to enhance, not detract from, your content marketing and branding.
A Blueprint to Jump-Start Your Content Marketing Strategy
By Michele Linn published January 1, 2015 Even though CMI's mission is to advance the practice of content marketing, we find that a lot of people still need help with the basics. Even more specifically, people need help connecting the dots with all of the information available (and, according to Google Trends, searches for content marketing have been skyrocketing).
10 Tools That Amplify Your Content Reach
Want more people to see your content? Have you considered new methods of sharing content? Look beyond the big social networks to expand your influence, increase exposure and grow your following. In this article I'll share 10 platforms, sites and tools to use to increase your reach and get your content noticed.
How to Optimize Your SlideShare Deck for More Exposure
Do you use SlideShare?Are you using it to its full potential?SlideShare decks let you share conference presentations, curate content, create how-to guides and more. But none of that content matters if people don't see it.In this article I'll share five tips to get the most out
Simplify Your Content Marketing Strategy with a One-Page Plan
By George Stenitzer published January 15, 2015 As CMI research shows, marketers with a documented content marketing strategy are more effective than those who don't have a written strategy. Yet, only 27% of B2C and 48% of B2B marketers have developed a plan.
Convince and Convert: Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy
Social Media Case Studies by Jessica Gioglio How do you prefer to receive information about trending topics and breaking news? If the BBC has anything to do with it, you'll tune in on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.
Convince and Convert: Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy
Email by Chad White The social and email marketing channels are increasingly intertwined. So when I read this great collection of 30+ Social Media Predictions for 2015, it immediately had me thinking about how they affect email marketers.
Twitter Exec Offers Clues on Future of Twitter Commerce
Twitter's "buy" button was officially announced in September of last year, and started to appear in the wild in November. So far, the button has been tied to small promotional items, such as free popcorn with a movie ticket, and hasn't yet rolled out to all brands.
Worst. Marketing. Advice. Ever. Top Brands Share All
Someone once said, "The best advice is this: Don't take advice and don't give advice." While that statement isn't true for the most part, there are a few times in a marketer's career in which it might be best to just ignore the advice.
Influence, Transition and Personal Brand - A Chat With Deborah Shane
We all have people who influence us across our career, people we learn from, connect with and who guide our thinking. As well as my thoughts on social, I'm beginning to publish chats with a number of people who I have connected with and consider influential.
How to Use Visuals to Engage Your Audience
Do you want to create posts that generate higher user engagement? Are your visuals driving social media traffic? People engage better with visual content because it's easier to understand, can tell a story and evoke emotions more easily than written posts. In this article I'll show you 11 ways to increase social sharing and fan engagement with images.
Twitter, Facebook and Google Pivot to Maintain Relevance on Video
Twitter, Facebook and Google are all working toward offering more diverse video marketing solutions and more diversified revenue generation. As reported in the Wall Street Journal , Twitter has been aggressively pitching advertisers, with plans to "sell ads within streams of tweets on other publishers' apps and websites."
How to create brilliant customer experiences for B2B on social
This is also for those working within B2B who need to present a case to those higher up that social can work for their company. This is also to celebrate the many B2B companies already using social in a way that puts a lot of B2C operations to shame.
Why Everybody Writes is a Book That Everybody Needs
I feel all sorts of pressure writing this post. How can I possibly review a book about how to be a better writer without second guessing every word I type? Like many people, I have set myself some goals for 2015, one of which is to write more.
8 Tips to Foster Community Loyalty | Sprout Social
Some brands view social networks as an audience, and just another opportunity to broadcast messages and recruit additional customers. For them, communities are something they own and they fail to nurture and maintain relationships with members. Others see the social community as an opportunity to build meaningful, sustainable connections, the result of which are not just customers but valued, engaged, and important brand advocates.
Convince and Convert: Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy
Community Management by Ben Shwartz It's no small secret your online community and your loyal customers within are your company's greatest asset. Everyone now knows how much easier it is to retain loyal users than to go through obtaining more users through the user acquisition process.
Research Shows Metrics Marketers Think Matter Most
How are you measuring social media in 2015? Do you know which metrics to watch? Research reveals that over the past four years, most marketers switched to measuring more intangible goals like brand awareness, message effectiveness and brand perception. In this article you'll discover findings from studies to help you determine which metrics to use to evaluate your social media efforts.
Golden Globes host launches Twitter campaign against vacuous red carpet questions
Golden Globes host Amy Peohler's bid to bin soft lines of red carpet questioning by issuing a Twitter edict direct to interviewers...
70% of Marketers Will Spend More on Social Media Ads This Year
Salesforce surveyed 5,000 marketers at the end of last year on their budgets for 2015, and the software giant found that 70 percent of them plan to increase social media advertising, including mobile ads on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.
AMBER Alerts to Be Added to Facebook's News Feed
Facebook announced that it teamed up with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to add AMBER Alerts to its News Feed in order to aid the search for missing children. In January 2011, Facebook launched 53 AMBER Alert pages - for the 50 U.S.
4 Brands Who Have Done Cool Things With Outreach Marketing Lately - The Outreach Marketer
Kristen Matthews | On 06, Jan 2015 When I started my marketing career-we'll call it my naive days-I was sure that I would have the daily ability to be creative and produce inspired marketing strategies at all times. Let's be honest-sometimes creativity can be hard to muster.