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Religions of India

India is a country with cultural, linguistic and religious diversity. Indians find and vision "Unity in 'that' Diversity. Here are the list of religions that exist in present India.


Worship Spot : Hindu Temple
Text : Vedas, Upanishads
God : Bhahma, Vishnu, Siva

The well established religion of India. It advocates for the vision of Sanatama Dharma, “The Eternal Law”. It has diverse gods, holly books and concepts.


Worship Spot : Church
Text : Holly Bible
God : Jesus Christ

A very minority religious group of India but most established around the world. They strongly believe in Messiah, The son of God.




Worship Spot : Mosque
Text : Holly Qur’an
God : Allah
Another minority religion of India. Commonly known as Muslim Religion. It believes in single-god imagination.


Worship Spot : Buddha Vihara
Founder : Buddha

A nontheistic religion founded and followed by the vision of Gautama Buddha. It got spread in India after the revelation of King Ashoka in Kalinga War.


Worship Spot : Guru Dhwara
Text : Guru Granth Sahib
Founder : Guru Nanak

Wide spread religion in the Northern India. It had founded by Guru Nanak in 15th century. It spreads the concept of monotheism.


Worship Spot : Synagogue
Text : Torah
Another minor religion in India. It believes in monotheism. It well established in European countires and Asia.


Worship Spot : Temple
Text : Agama
Founder : Rishabha
The religion advocates for truth and non-violence. It also popular in countries like Belgium, Canada, US, Singapore, Japan etc..




Worship Spot : Fire Temple
Text : Avesta

Another minor religious group of India but have long legacy in the nation. It’s also popular in countries like Iraq, Pakistan etc..

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