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Updated by Asem Mohammad on Dec 03, 2014
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Easy ways to keep up with loans…

Are you drowning in debt? What can you do? What could have you done?
Lets see some options to help you. Surely, these options can help you in your
time of need, now and later.

Do babies have any responsibility? - Wellness Portal

Consider the following scenarios: You, as a newborn baby, playing in your cot. You, as a teenager, playing video games with friends. You, as a middle ager, doing your taxes. You, as an elderly person, relaxing in the park. You surely know, how the final scenario can turn out.These are four scenarios most of us passes through.

Must you despair if not get the job? - Wellness Portal

What if the opposite turns out? What would you do? You can cry, though it may be foolish. Despair not, you can attempt other options for supporting your job search.Here is what you need to do : Do nothing: This is the easiest among all options, but pays your job search nothing at all.

Comfort: Some words of sincere encouragement and comfort can be highly beneficial to your friend. If you can not bring anything else, never be miserly of offering genuine words of comfort. This item alone has the can change his bad mood, specially if you are a close friend.

How to live life to the fullest? - Wellness Portal

You have a life. It is up to you to choose as to how you want to live it.You can lead life like a nobody, one who has no clear purpose. Else you can be someone who is an aspiration for others to follow.

Smart chores to save minutes - Wellness Portal

You are always busy, whether you are at work, school and any other places you are needed.Everyone is busy in their own work and perhaps nobody can help you out. As it stands, you have to complete all your chores earlier for your future appointment. You decide to attempt your chores one by one.

Life-Saving Items for everyone's rescue - Wellness Portal
  1. Clock: This is the digital era and everything is usually mechanized, but at times, digital gadgets can fail. An analog clock can be helpful to you in this case. The same is true when you have a power failure. Just make sure you have enough stock of batteries and the clock can rescue you.
How to start your daily routine? - Wellness Portal

You routine must include proper breakfast,drinking at least a glass of water,planning your appointments,prioritizing emails, checking news and organizing.

Clean sheet for poverty reduction - Wellness Portal

Poverty is on the downside of wellness. I can ask myself what can poverty teach me? Undoubtedly, when I have less of something, I can truly understand the value of that tiniest piece. In this post, I will try to examine a few issues which can support poverty reduction.

Can you live without your essentials? * Wellness Portal

You can not live without the top five essentials. The rest you can add as you feel.