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Updated by Fusion 360 on Oct 29, 2014
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8 Myths about Gun Safe Theft Protection

Controlling who has access to guns is a fundamental part of gun safety. However, many don’t realize that there are several dominant myths that surround gun safe theft protection. Understanding these myths can help safe owners create a safe environment for all.

Any Gun Safe Will Do

Although storing guns in a safe is better than having them in locked cases around the house, simply purchasing a gun safe is not enough. Depending on the company, each gun safe will have different features and some safes are easier to break into than others. It is important to select a gun safe that is high quality and difficult for outsiders to gain access to.

Thick Doors are Superior

Many companies use thick doors on their safes in order to convince their customers that they are stronger. However, gun safe manufactures that use this technique often sell ineffective gun safes. Before purchasing a gun safe, individuals should ask their local gun safe company about its unique safety features.

Gun Safes are Too Heavy to Move

Many believe that they do not need to bold down their gun safe because it is too heavy to move. However, individuals with the right tools can easily steal a gun safe that is not secured to the ground. No matter the weight of a safe, it should be firmly secured to avoid theft.

Criminals Can’t Open Gun Safes

Gun companies often tell their clients that criminals don’t understand how to open their gun cases. However, this is simply not true. Any sound gun safe company will tell you that individuals can open gun safes, which is why they should be secured in a very private area.

Burglar Alarms Protect Safes

Although houses with alarm systems are less likely to be burglarized, they are not completely protected. Burglars often understand how to disable alarms, giving them quick access to a gun safe.

Burglaries Happen Late at Night

Many believe that robberies occur late at night when they are home, but many happen during the day. Criminals understand that individuals are often at work during the day, making it the perfect time to commit a crime. Individuals might not be home to protect their gun safe, so they must make sure it is unable to be stolen or broken into.

A Safe Neighborhood Protects

It is true that some areas have a low risk for burglaries, but the reality is that illegal acts can take place anywhere. No matter an individuals location or if they have a neighborhood watch, they are still at risk.

A Sound Hiding Place is Enough

Many criminals understand how to look for valuables in a house, so a good hiding place often isn’t enough to protect a gun safe. It is important to put a gun safe in a sound hiding place, but this should not be the only security measure that is taken.




Mackenzie Martin writes for Fort Knox. She is a writer at Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google +.

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