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Study in USA Resources

This resources will help you learn more ideas of living in the us.

21 Days in USA and Holding onto My Dreams

Experience in USA - Shared by Payel. Hello everyone, I am here to post my experience in the first three weeks of USA. I will be writing about the following Flight Experience Finding and Apartment Classes Adaptation. Flight Travel to America Flight Experience was good but the aftermath was really horrible.

221g Tracker - F1 Visa Interview to Approval = 30 Days

Following Student Visa for USA - F1 Visa interview experience shows how long it would it take to get F1 visa approval after 221(g). I had my visa interview on the 20th of May, 2011. The interview was schedule for 9:00 am.

2 Months in USA : Travel, Courses and $2500 for Medical Emergency

Hey HSB, just a small attempt to share my experience of 2 months in US with a few suggestions. I have tried focusing on few things that were not emphasized. Let me not share my name and other identification (though you will be aware of it ).

Applying for USA Colleges With 3 Year BSc + 1 Year MSc from India

I m from Maharashtra, studying in Pune University. I recently took BSc Comp sci exam [Final Yr] which is a 3 yr Course. I'm trying to apply for Fall 2013 and booked a GRE on 23rd July. As BSc is 3 year course.

Here's 9 Reasons Why USA is a Powerful Country

Do you want to know why USA is a powerful country in the world? I found this Quora thread that answers the question above question. User have listed 9 reasons in 3 different dimesnions : Geography, People and Leadership with 3 reasons per Dimension. It is the 3rd largest in area and population.

General Admissions Requirements for US Undergraduate Programs

There are certain requirements that need to be considered by international students when contemplating applying for admission to college and universities in the United States. They include confirming academic credentials along with testing for academic aptitude and language skills. Students can be enrolled as first year freshmen or as a transfer student.

Can I Use Illegal Way to Show $40,000 in Bank Balance?

I have completed my Engineering in CSE with GPA 9.26 from NMIT, Bangalore and joined Dell on july 2nd. I am very much interested in learning new things and gaining more and more knowledge. I was interested to pursue my higher studies from my 2nd year itself, hence took up a GRE training from Princeton Review for old format GRE, ...

Air Travel from USA - Taking Laptops, Camera's To India

Holiday travel tips for students traveling to India. I think answering question from Kiran should help other students traveling to India for holidays. I am going to INDIA this december. How many items can I take to india ? I want to take one new laptop, two new cameras and some gifts like shoes, dresses etc., What is the limit ...

Air Travel Within USA - ID Requirements - Passport, Driversl License

What ID is required to travel within USA (via Flight) - Question from Reader. I am traveling in flight for first time in USA. I will be taking a flight from Chicago. So, I would first need to travel by bus from my college to Chicago.

Can I Take Over $10,000 to USA?

I will be carrying a check worth ~ 20,000 $ to pay my fees at CMU. Will the huge amount cause any problem at customs? I will have to declare the check at customs right? Is there any precaution I need to take or any pointer?

Automobile Engineering: US or Germany?

I want to do Masters in Automobiles and I can't find much programs or Universities. Can u suggest me the top universities world wide in Automobile sector and the programs they are offering? If possible the deadlines as well. I am confused between US and Germany. Please Clarify.

How To Get Cell Phones for Free in USA?

For folks who are coming to USA for the first time, refer to Cell Phone Buying Guide in USA . You must have heard from your friends about free cell phone in USA and wondering how is it possible to get cell phones for free in USA.

How Many Cell Phones Can I Carry From USA to India?

My friend is coming to India this December. He has already committed of bringing 2+1 (his mobile). Now I need another one. So i need to know how many mobiles can he bring to India and what reasons can he give to customs at airport?

How to Make Cheap Phone Calls to India from USA

How to Make Cheap Phone Calls to India? There are several ways, it's just the matter of preference, convenience and cost. I used to make phone calls to India using Calling Cards. It used to be $0.25 cents per minute. Then came Reliance and they made it really easy with quick dial options.

Unsaid Truth : College Assignments are Extremely challenging

Following experience was shared via email by Reader N (Masters student at Johns Hopkins). Its been a month and a half since I arrived to US. I was lucky that my sister is living in close proximity of my university and helped me to get settled.

How To Contact Students in the University

One of the best source to find information about a University in USA is current students. If you are from India, find as many Indian students you can find. If you are from China, then find a current student attending the school from China.

DD or Travelers Check?

You got visa and now planning how to take money with you for tuition fees and living expenses. If you have student loan, every bank manager will have their own rules. Majority of the managers, have no clue on how to issue DD (Demand Draft or Certified Check) to students after approving the loan.

Are You Desperate to Study in USA?

Lately, I have been evaluating many profiles in the past one month who were from different backgrounds. Even If they have scored a bit low in the standardized tests, there desperation hasn't declined even an inch, that is very good aspect.

Don't Discourage Students, I'm Really Hurt

Comment from Vanan about HSB posting demotivating articles about tough life in USA. Please do not discourage the students by saying them that education in U.S is tough. Please. I'm really hurt on reading that 'probation' post. I can't even believe a bit of it. Seeing the comments there, it is horrible.

Education in USA - Is it Worth The Cost?

Guest Post by Prithvinarayan. Disclaimer: Because people in this part of the world generally go apeshit when an opinion is antithetical in essence to the overwhelming majority of opinions, I would like to say that I am not against higher education abroad per se.

Any Hope of Getting Financial Aid?

Here's Rahul @ Average GRE Scores. Hi! I have a GRE score of 1,070 (V = 390, Q = 680). But my GPA is 8.22/10, which is equivalent to 3.24/4. I want to do my M.S. in computer science in some fairly standard U.S. university.

First Month in USA - Exciting and Fascinating

Muthu sent his first month experience in USA. Previously he had posted his F1 Visa Interview Experience at Chennai. Running a Family It's been a month since I landed in this challenging country and this period has been the most exciting and fascinating moments of my life.