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Student Visa for Foreign Students

You must have a student visa to study in the United States. This resources will help you know more information of getting student visa.

10 Things You Didn't Know About F1 Visa Officers and Interview

Part 2 of Strange and Shaky 3 Hour F1 visa Interview Experience shared by Pavan. Thing #1 - All the VISA officers are pleasant and nice. They make you feel comfortable. They start every interview with a smile. Hello again! This part outlines my observations of the VISA interview process.

H1B Visa Fraud | 11 Arrested in Major H1B Visa Fraud

DES MOINES, Iowa - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested 11 individuals in six States on Wednesday as part of an investigation into suspected visa and mail fraud. Matthew G. Whitaker, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa, announced the operation, which was carried out by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in Iowa, California, Massachusetts, Texas, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and New Jersey.

12 Key F1 Visa Tips for USA

You must have read F1 Visa Rejected for 9 times (yes, he attended F1 visa interview for 9 times). I saw Sumanth Krishna share 12 F1 Visa Tips for USA in Facebook Group Comments. Tips shared by Sumanth to get F1 Visa are spot on.

$13,000 in Financial Aid and F1 Visa Rejected

Yesterday, I had US student visa interview at Kolkata consulate buy unfortunately got 214g. Very disappointed right now. Please guide me what have to do now. Decision: Reject(214g) University: Wichita State university Program: MS Statistics I20 exp: $14051 Funding: $13005 (TA) + Parent (FD+LIC+Saving balance at bank) + Aunt(FD).

OMG! USCIS Received 172,500 H1B Visa 2015 petitions. Lottery Complete.

172,500 H-1B petitions. That's large number. WASHINGTON-U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced on April 7 that it has received a sufficient number of H-1B petitions to reach the statutory cap of 65,000 visas for fiscal year (FY) 2015. USCIS has also received more than the limit of 20,000 H-1B petitions filed under the advanced degree exemption.

F-2 Visa Interview Experience in Mumbai for my Wife

How often do we hear about a pleasant visa interview experience? In the midst of some nail-bitingly frustrating stories, comes this short and sweet experience that Rohan Jadhav wishes to share. His wife, was seeking an F-2 dependent Visa so she could join Rohan in the U.S.

H1B Visa Cap Reached for 2009

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) had announced that it had received more than 65,000 H-1B visa applications for the general category and over 20,000 applications for the advanced degree quota. However, the date when the lottery process will be done was still withheld due to the large number of H-1B visa applications received.

What Does 214(b) Visa Rejection for USA Potential Immigrant Mean ?

This law applies only to nonimmigrant visa categories. If you are refused a visa under section 214(b), it means that you: Did not sufficiently demonstrate to the consular officer that you qualify for the nonimmigrant visa category you applied for; and/or Did not overcome the presumption of immigrant intent, required by law, by sufficiently demonstrating that you have strong ties to your home country that will compel you to leave the United States at the end of your temporary stay.

Another 221(g) During F1 Visa Interview

Daksh posted following F1 Visa Interview Experience at F1 Visa 221g at Chennai US Consulate Hey guys, it actually feels better after reading few comments and concern over 221g. That pink slip, when is read, gives a real big pain in neck. I am sharing you what happened to me.

221g White Slip - F1 Visa Interview - US Consulate Hyderabad

Following post was shared by Gagan. Consulate: Hyderabad Date: 20th June 2012 Time: 10:15 AM Counter: 9 Course: PhD Verdict: 221g I appeared for F1 visa interview on 20th June, 2012 at US consulate Hyderabad. My token number was C179.

2 Minute F1 Visa Interview at Chennai Consulate

My F1 visa interview at Chennai Consulate was very simple and lasted only for 2 min I had my visa appointment today at 7.30 (May 27, 2011) While submitting my documents they told my passport photo was not of good quality so i had to take one more, this only took time for me.

3 Golden Rules for Successful F1 Visa Stamping

F1 visa Interview Experience - Shared by Anish Accepted even though elder brother is working on H1B in US. My Visa interview was scheduled at Mumbai Consulate on 02/June/2011. Time:- 07:45 hrs. My number came at 9am. The interviewer was a lady. Frankly speaking her smile was far better than any Bollywood actress.

5-Page RFE on H1B Visa 2010 Petition

One of our blog readers received a 5 Page RFE on H-1B visa 2010 petition. If you have any thoughts/solutions on this RFE, you can definitely write your comments. Elveen says I got a 5-page RFE. One of those asked was involved my "Evaluation of Foreign Education".

7 - Arrested for H-1B Visa Scam and Fraud

Yes, H-1B visa fraud can lead to arrest and jail time. This happened about 1 week ago. Seven people were arrested for H-1B visa scam. Here are the details and you can read the rest of the article from the original source. According to the U.S.

Ignore These 7 F1 Visa Interview Tips at Your Own Risk

Following post was shared by Bolanle. F1 Visa Interview Tips from Bolanle is short must read. I was interviewed today at the U.S Embassy here in Nigeria and I got my visa. Getting there early as possible matters a whole lot as it eases of a little nervousness,i went through series of security check and i finally got into the ...

What Happens If You get Angry at Visa Officer?

Hello guys how are you doing? I have been rejected by one of the VOs two weeks before. Since I have spent a lot of time processing finding schools. It was very awkward for me, and I was angry at him. I don't recommend you guys to be angry on the VO because it will create nothing.

Student F1 Visa inteerview - University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

I applied too University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth for spring 2012 intake and took visa interview on 30th Nov, college starts on 30th Jan. Here is my interview... VO: Good Morning! ME: Good Morning Officer! VO: Which College? ME: University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth VO: Why this College?

What Happens if You Memorize Answers for F1 Visa Interview Questions

F1 Visa Interview - MS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering - University of Colorado Denver - Submitted by Simran. PS : This is how your interview could look if you memorize answers for F1 Visa interview questions. I haven't edited shared contents. Enter Simran: My interview was scheduled at 9 a.m.

Are You Planning to Apply for H1B Visa 2011 [Poll]

During last year H1B Visa processing, USCIS was issuing lots of RFE on H1B Visa petitions and New H1b Memo made things lot tougher. Most likely consulting companies will not apply for H1B Visa 2011. But, there are many IT workers who are still not aware of the Job market in US and have high hopes of getting H1B Visa ...

Applying for H-1B Visa 2009 (FY 2010) - Think Twice!

The H-1B visa season is fast coming up within a couple of months. It's time for U.S. companies to prepare the applications for filing H-1B visas. However, almost everyone in the world is certainly feeling the negative impact of the U.S. economic recession.

How to Apply Student Visa to Study in Ireland - D Type Visa

Do you want to know how to Apply for Student Visa to Study in Ireland? In this article, I will go over step by step process on how to get student visa to Study in Ireland along with Immigration rules and regulations. Unlike U.S.

Australian Student Visa Requirements and Subclass Explained

Studying at the best schools, colleges and universities in Australia to earn your certificate, associate, masters or doctoral degree has several immigration requirements. The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship is offering eight primary subclasses of student visa to all interested applicants.

Business Visa for USA Rejected - Husband and Wife

Shared in comments section by Chitran Jha Yesterday, my US visa was rejected along with my wife under 214(b). I was going to the US for a buyer-seller meet where I was supposed to display my articles. This was organized by the US market cosul along with Council of Leather exports which is a Govt.

B2 Visa Experience in Delhi USA Embassy - Tourist Visa USA

About self: My son and daughter in law is in US now on H1b visa. My daughter is married and presently staying with us I am working in Cooperative sector My wife is a Haryana Government employee Before interview I prepared lot of documents and took all the files for Visa Interview.