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GMAT Resources for Students

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test is offered by GMAC. GMAT Resources for Students

2 Free GMAT Tests

The GMAT Club is offering 2 Free GMAT Tests exclusively to GMAT Club members Register with GMAT Club Access GMAT Tests The GMAT Club also offers all 30+ GMAT tests for free to any member who has made 200 posts at the GMAT Club or has accumulated 100 kudos from other members (our measure of contribution).

5 Years of GMAT Exam Summary

GMAC published 5 Year report that contains lots of statistics about GMAT Exam and GMAT test takers. Here are few stats from the report Total Number of Test Takers - 267,000 Average GMAT Score - 539 Test Takes in India : 21781 Average GMAT Score India - 562 GMAT to Attend MBA - 173441 GMAT to Attend Masters - 20599 ...

Average GMAT Score 634 - University of Connecticut - Full Time MBA

University of Connecticut offers Full Time, Part Time and Executive MBA. Today we will look at Average GMAT and GPA of admitted students. UConn's MBA Program was founded over 50 years ago. Classes are offered in Hartford, Storrs, Stamford and Waterbury, CT. Connecticut is conveniently located within driving distance of New York, NY and Boston, MA.

Average GMAT Scores - European Business Schools

Average GMAT Scores for some of the top European Business Schools. Here is link to Average GMAT Scores for Universities in USA. Following table lists average GMAT Scores for some of the Top Business Schools in Europe. Many students want to do MBA right after completing Bachelors degree and without work experience.

Average GMAT Scores for MBA and Top Business Schools

What is the Average GMAT Scores for MBA programs in USA? I scored 620 in GMAT. Is it considered as Good GMAT Scores? Average GMAT Scores is based on data given by Universities (Business School) of admitted students. Good GMAT Scores is relative to your GMAT Score vs your target MBA program.

Calculate GMAT Score from GRE Score

Educational Testing Service® (ETS®) today announced the introduction of a new GRE® Comparison Tool for Business Schools at its website, The online tool offers business schools a way to predict Graduate Management Admission Test® (GMAT®) scores from Graduate Record Examinations® (GRE) General Test scores.

GMAT Test Prep -

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test is offered by GMAC. Following image shows the GMAT Test Structure Here are some of the frequently asked questions about GMAT from site. When to Start Preparing for GMAT? GMAT test prep time depends on following factors Target B-School Required Score for Target B-School Your current skill level Available time for GMAT ...

Study Tips: How I Scored 770 in GMAT

GMAT - 770 - (lengthy article, but if you are serious about getting high score in GMAT, its a MUST read) You can use the tips listed by Slingfox for GRE Exam preparation too. Except as noted below, the quant section turned out to be largely in line with my expectations.

When to Take GMAT for Fall 2012 MBA Admission?

Question - When to Take GMAT for Fall 2012 MBA Admission? Typically Business Schools have 3 rounds of admission and 3 deadlines. Plan to take GMAT Exam atleast 2 to 6 months in advance before the application deadlines. Business Schools admission deadlines vary, but more or less they will be the same month.

New Integrated Reasoning Section in GMAT from June, 2012

Next generation of GMAT Exam conducted by GMAC to include new section - Integrated Reasoning. The integrated reasoning portion of the GMAT will capitalize on innovations in technology and assessments and feature questions that further enhance the validity of the test. These questions include information from multiple sources, such as charts, graphs, and spreadsheets.

GMAT : Smart Test Prep Strategy

Is there a way to study Smart for GMAT (and GRE). Techniques listed here today is taken from Official GMAT Site. Recent survey was published about based on 800 GMAT Test takers last year to collect the following data Hours Spent preparing for GMAT Exam Average Number of study Hours vs GMAT Score Data is reported by Test takers and ...

GMAT Test Centers in India

GMAT Test is offered round through the year. Following is the list if GMAT Test Centers in India at different cities. When scheduling an appointment to take the GMAT Test, make sure the spelling of your name and date of birth matches name and birth date printed on the passport (identification documents) that you will use in the day of the test at the GMAT Test centers in India.

Should I Take GRE or GMAT for Business Schools?

You've probably heard that most b-schools these days are accepting GRE scores. What is probably not so clear is which test you should take: the GMAT or the GRE? To answer this question you should figure out what your strengths are.

10 Highest Average GMAT Scores by Business Schools

US News recently published a report that listed Highest Average GMAT Scores of admitted students. Several B-Schools accept GRE instead of GMAT. Still several students take GMAT for MBA admission. GMAT scores range - 200 to 800.

5 Principles To Improve Your GMAT Score

If you are planning on applying to business school, you will probably have heard of the GMAT exam. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer-adaptive standardized test in mathematics and English that is used by admissions teams at MBA programs. The exam is intended to measure verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills that an applicant has developed, and ...

MBA Without GMAT Score Admission Possible?

Many graduate schools in the USA accept students for their master's programs without the need for GRE score, but that's not always the case for MBA programs. Meanwhile, there are many European business schools that accept students without the need for GMAT as one of mandatory requirements.

GMAT Format - Current vs New GMAT 2012

New GMAT 2012 will start from June 2012. Here is comparison of Current GMAT and New GMAT (table from Official GMAT Site) New GMAT Format New Integrated Reasoning section for 30 minutes will be added to the New GMAT starting June 2012. Analytical Writing Assessment is 60 minutes in Current GMAT format.

New GMAT Format 2012 - Integrated Reasoning Section

New GMAT Format will be offered from June 2012. New GMAT format is called as Next Generation GMAT. Unlike GRE, GMAT exam Format is not changing drastically. GMAT exam from 2012 will have a new section Integrated Reasoning. New Integrated Reasoning section is designed to measure students ability to evaluate information from multiple sources.