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TOEFL Resources for Students

Information about the TOEFL exam as well as free practice tests.

How to Get 106 in TOEFL Without Preparation

I am Nishant Nath, a student of Electronics and Communication Engineering stream wishing to pursue my masters in the US. I haven't written my GRE yet but my TOEFL experience was wonderful. I wrote my TOEFL on July 14 2012 at Kolkata (W.B.). My scheduled time was 10:00 AM.

Here's How to Score 118 in TOEFL iBT Without Serious Preparations

Following post was shared by Lakshya Hello readers.....!!!!! I'm Lakshya Gupta, in 12th grade, aspiring for a graduation from USA. I recently gave my SAT 1 and a few months back, gave the TOEFL. I got a 118 and I am not bluffing.

3 Days TOEFL Study Plan - I Scored 107

TOEFL Experience and TOEFL Study Plan - Shared by Surabhi G. If you are looking for TA/GA, the scores you get in the speaking section will be fairly critical. Of all the sections, this was the section I feared the most.

7 Steps to Dramatically Improve TOEFL iBT Scores

Michael Buckhoff is an ESL and English professor at California State University, San Bernardino. I love teaching international students because they are so motivated to achieve success. Also, teaching these students enlightens me every time I step into the classroom. He has listed an effective 7-step system for improving TOEFL iBT scores.

Here's How to Crack New TOEFL Biometric Voice ID Security

ETS had announced about implementing Biometric Voice Identification for TOEFL to prevent proxy agents taking TOEFL test last year. Looks like that feature is now rolled out. If you are planning to Use Agents to Take TOEFL Beware!

How I Scored 102 in TOEFL iBT

Greetings of the day to one and all ! I am a Mechanical Engineering Senior at the Muffakham Jah College of E&T in Hyderabad . I aspired to go to the US to do my Higher Studies, right from the day I entered into my Professional course of Mechanical Engineering.

ETS: $60 Refund and Free TOEFL Test (and shabby emails)

Received this interesting experience from a reader about email exchange with ETS for closed TOEFL Test center. There is something very important you will learn from this blog post. Hi HSB and HSB blog readers. I'm one of the regular readers of your posts ever since I planned to do my Master's in United States.

Which TOEFL Test Centers are Safe?

Recently ETS have cancelled TOEFL test scores of Test takers who took TOEFL in certain TOEFL test centers. Attend F1 Visa Interview with Cancelled TOEFL Score Report? F1 Visa Approved, TOEFL Cancelled and University Admission on HOLD HSB reader sent the following TOEFL Test center review. Do contribute your TOEFL center experience.

Fall 2011 Admission: The Timeline

Fall 2011 Graduate School Admission procedure and the timeline - Shared by Kaustubh GRE and Fall 2011 Admission Just wanted to share my whole time line, thought somebody would have some idea that how to prepare... I personally hastened through out the process because I was also studying at the time and still I am.

How to forward GRE and TOEFL Scores to Universities

During a chat session, I was asked about many questions, such as on Internet costs, cell phones, graduate school search and college selections for their profile. It was an interesting experience to talk directly to blog readers. One of the questions raised frequently was about GRE and TOEFL score report forwarding to a graduate school and to a specific department ...

GRE & TOEFL in Nov., University Deadline Dec. 15 - Can I Apply?

I had a question from a reader about GRE and TOEFL exam dates, as well as university deadlines. Question: I have GRE and TOEFL exams this month's end, but a couple of universities I'm planning to apply at have college application deadlines on Dec 15, 2008.

Guide to Write TOEFL Essay

This is my first article about TOEFL in the last 9 months. I was searching for video tutorials on GRE but instead found this wonderful video on writing TOEFL essays. Most students take GRE exams very seriously, but the amount of time they spent preparing for TOEFL is very short.

How to Score 114 in TOEFL iBT Without Prepration

TOEF iBT Experience - Shared by Mani. My TOEFL score was 114. Break up: Reading: 30 Listening: 28 Speaking: 29 Writing: 27 How I prepared for TOEFL I did not prepare much for TOEFL test as I had prepared a lot for GRE and I had got my expectations too high and that made me nervous on the day of ...

How to Register for TOEFL in India - Happy Schools

How to Register for TOEFL in India

TOEFL Registration 2010 in India

This guide will give details about TOEFL Registration process in 2010 and list of test centers in India. The TOEFL test is offered in two formats Internet-based testing (iBT) Paper-based testing (PBT). In India only TOEFL iBT is offered.