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Updated by Fusion 360 on Mar 17, 2017
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Eight Medicare Mistakes to Avoid

Medicare mistakes are unfortunately very common. Medicare is for seniors in Utah and across the nation but there are a few mistakes that can be avoided with a little knowledge. Take a moment to read these signs of mistakes before signing up.

Not Understanding Advantage Vs. Supplement

A supplement is basically a plus to the Medicare policy that is standard. A persona can include a supplement in their plans. An advantage plan is a completely new form. This takes the place of the standard package.

Guessing When Picking Plans

Utah residents need to evaluate their medical facilities in their area before picking a plan. Research all plans thoroughly.

Signing Up Too Late

The initial sign up for a Medicare application is after an applicant’s 65th birthday. The insurance meets certain requirements at that point and eligibility of Medicare is available.

Signing Up Too Early

Signing up too early can be detrimental to Medicare coverage. Since the age requirement is also an insurance requirement, the risk of early application can mean denial for a period of time.

Not Asking For More Help

Picking the right Medicare plan can be confusing. If the plan is not enough, don’t make the mistake of not asking for more help. If more money is needed don’t hesitate to ask for extra help. This plan is designed for seniors so don’t hold back.

Never Reevaluating

Each year takes time to update Medicare. Log any changes in health, finances, property or methods of payment. See if new plans have come out that better suit any new needs for seniors.

Not Knowing Enough

Not knowing enough about Medicare can be a problem. Knowing when to apply and knowing about each plan is something that needs to be studied before it becomes too late. Be knowledgeable on the process and what it can do.

Not Signing Up At All

The worst mistake that can be made involving Medicare is to not sign up at all. Help can’t be given if no help is asked for. Medicare is for seniors so sign up and let it help!




Ciera Putnam writes for the Center for Senior Benefits. She is a writer at Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google+

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