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Updated by Christina Rebuffet-Broadus on Oct 28, 2014
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Understanding accents in English - The Conf Call Confidence Pack

This list includes sites and resources that will help you improve comprehension of different accents in English (native and non-native speakers).

IDEA International Dialects of English Archive

To listen to samples of people speaking English from almost any country, click on "Dialects & Accents" and continue to narrow your criteria as you wish. This site is excellent for listening to accents from all over the world.

speech accent archive: browse

This collection of recordings allows you to search by speaker and native language and by geographic location of the speaker. It includes both native and non-native speakers of English.

Tips for Understanding Fast English and Speaking with an American Accent

Improve your pronunciation, and listening comprehension in English and your American Accent. This site explains additional characteristics of the American accent and gives some more examples of what you hear compared to what you read.

Rachel's English on YouTube

Improve English speaking and English conversation skills by learning the sounds and stress of American English. Although this YouTube channel is designed to help learners improve their American accent, it is a great tool for helping you understand the American accent.


Search by country if you are looking for audio/video that includes specific accents. There are clips from people around the world, in many different accents. Each clip has some short, basic activities, as well as a transcript of the spoken text. The texts are not scripted, so they sound the way people really talk.