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Headline for Best New Info Product Awards 2014
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Best New Info Product Awards 2014

List of finalists for the "Best New Info Product Awards" of 2014. All products have been created during 2014 by online entrepreneurs. Voting closes: November 8, 2014 || Awards announced: November 14, 2014

Contest sponsored by Loralee Hutton and

Nominations: Product must be a stand alone digital/ information product. Not a live program, workshop or event. Private, non date specific discussion groups are allowed.

Leveraging Intention

When I ask my friends and customers what holds them back from their full potential they almost always say:

  • “I lose focus.”
  • “I’m trying positive thinking. Maybe that will work.”
  • “I think my vision board needs to be updated.”
  • “My life is just too chaotic and scattered for anything to happen to me.”
  • “I simply just don’t know what to do or where to start.”

It seems like everyone is spinning their wheels trying to get somewhere, but then they end up floundering.
I finally figured out how to Leverage Intention to help me meet my goals.**

This process has opened many new doors for me such as:

  • Reaching my health goals and overcoming a serious illness
  • Getting my product (Spirit Mist) seen and in the hands of many people
  • Recognition for my work as a Laughter Yoga Leader
  • Being booked for amazing speaking gigs
The No-Fear Guide to Updating WordPress Book/eBook Bundle | WP Plugin Coach

When I ask my students and clients "What is your biggest frustration with WordPress?" There is one answer they almost always give. "I'm terrified of updating my website". The No-Fear Guide to Updating WordPress gives you everything you need to do to update your site with confidence!

Life Mosaic Readings, Taryn Pyle

Are you creating your Life Mosaic with someone else's pieces? News flash. They won't fit. Let's change that.

Loving The Pieces, ...the master pieces of you.

Buy your Personal Life Mosaic Reading. A beautifully designed profile of you. We all have our own master pieces. Its the energy that flows through us and it shows up based on our birth, life experiences, and as energy flowing through our body. Tap into the energy and you begin to understand who you are, what you need, and how to manifest a life you choose. The five master pieces are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, and while we all have these five within us, each of have a unique pattern. But, and all of us have one predominant master piece. Knowing this about ourselves, helps us build a life that is fulfilling and worthwhile. Want to know yours?

$27.00 Personal Reading, $45 for Couples

Inviting Ease: An online yoga program to take care of you and make life easier.

Inviting Ease is an online yoga program for women who want to have more energy, and enjoy their beautiful life more. This program walks you through how to invite ease into your life through yoga, self awareness, and targeted exercises. Each email includes 2 yoga practices (under 30 minutes) that follow different themes: Clarity, Strength, Simplicity, Gratitude, and Support. Plus, content that shows how to set up your life so it runs smoothly and fuels you! No more energy drains. This program is great for beginner yogis too!

Pain-free Lower Back & Hips Package

Break the cycle of pain and finally heal your lower back pain! In this gentle yoga practice, you’ll learn how to loosen your lower back, release tension in your hips and re-align your pelvis so your lower back can move freely.

You receive 2 guided yoga videos (45- & 20-minutes), 2 downloadable audio files so you can practice on the go, the Get Comfy guide to help you modify the stretches to work for your body, and the Why Behind the How video on the anatomy behind your pain and these practices. Suitable for beginners and those with injuries..

Guides, Helpers, Mediums, Clairvoyants & Psychics at Golden Rose Academy

Judith has been running an intuitive practice for 30 years which has included the tasks of facilitating meditation classes, personal & spiritual development courses, running seminars, participating in festivals as well as seeing individual clients for readings and past life regression.

E-Courses - Sherri Calosso

‎Fall In Love With Reiki: A Modern Guide For Healing
Presented in an easy to learn format that teaches you exactly how to do Reiki healing on yourself and others.
- short history of Reiki and it's meaning
- receive energy Attunements for Level 1 & 11
- Three major Reiki symbols & how to work with them
- Prepare your space for doing Reiki
- and more

$37.00 one time fee

How Not to feel Naked When Leaving Home at Golden Rose Academy

'The principles of Grounded Spiritual Practice' Sick of feeling your life is not your own? Want to have more control over your life and your work place environment? Want to learn 3 simple ways of creating a calmer day?

Crack the Code to Your Professional Brand & Create an Awesome Online Presence | The Karmic Ally Coaching Experience

In this 6 module program, we focus on identifying your personal brand as a professional and take the first proactive steps in the right direction to reflect your true brand and value.

You will
- Find out what really makes up your brand in your own right
- Learn how to articulate your brand
- Find out things about yourself that will be useful in your Resume, Job Interviews and telling the world who you really are
- Create a smart Mission Statement, Elevator Speech AND Brand Statement
- Optimize your online professional brand
- Apply your new-found knowledge to updating and interacting on four major social media sites – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
- Learn to manage your online image in 30 minutes a day
- Take charge of your online identity

Based on tools that I use in my Career Coaching Signature Program but meant for self-help seeking professional.

Price - USD 86.00

The Kalavati FreshStart Bootcamp

Fresh Start is a lifestyle turn around bootcamp, designed to change your life at the very core of your dreams, your thinking and your habits. Don't wait to be alive. Clear out the pain, bad habits, negative beliefs systems; get active, get clear - so that you can live an extraordinary life, even on the most ordinary days.

  • Over 30 Video & Text Lessons
  • Bonus Lessons
  • A Coaching Enquiry Workbook
  • Practical Worksheets & Applications
  • Online access to support and guidance with the KalavatiVille Community on Facebook
MailChimp Workshop for Creative Entrepreneurs

You need a way to connect with your customers using email is the most direct way to connect with your customers.

The inbox is fast becoming one of the most personal and private places for anyone who has an email address.

When someone chooses to provide they're email address they're telling you they want to learn more about what you do, so shouldn't you have an easy way to connect and engage with them?

This Workshop gives you the basics you need to use and understand MailChimp so you can start connecting and engaging with your community.

Value $45

The Visibility Project

I'm Victoria, Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor, Teacher Trainer, Coach & Consultant and this is the Visibility Project! This is a 4 week project using my (many) years of personal development reading and training to help you see yourself more clearly.

  • Week 1 – who am I?dvdcasestack_800x748
  • Week 2 – who am I without the labels?
  • Week 3 – where are my shadows?
  • Week 4 – where am I visible (and invisible)?

** pre-launch price of just £20**