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Updated by Fusion 360 on Oct 27, 2014
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8 Ways to Capture the Attention of the Millennial Generation

Those who were born anytime between 1980 and 2000 are known as the millennial generation. Those born in this time have been no strangers to technology. From the time they were young, technology has played a large role in their lives and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Thankfully, video production companies have found that using this love for technology is a great way to advertise.

Go Mobile

The millennial generation has an attachment to their phones. Honestly, it’s difficult to find anyone without a phone in his or her hand at all times. Most of their Internet searching is done via cell phones, so make sure to have sites that work well with mobile.

Provide tangible value

Millennials love things like coupons and other discounts. With a video production, include a coupon or discount at the end, after pumping them up about a product, which will entice them to stop by the local shop in Utah and buy the product.

Emotional Connections

Boring content will receive boring results. But, if a video production actually speaks to its audience, more than just surface value, they will likely be more drawn to a company or product and results will show.

Create shareable stuff

Still to this day, word of mouth is the best form of marketing. When a video is really funny, or teaches a lot, it’s more likely to get shared. Someone in Utah can quickly share a video with friends in New York, a tool that’s very beneficial to advertising.

Include them

Encourage your social media followers to be apart of the company. Create giveaways that challenge them to make a fun video production with some aspect of the company and share it with their followers. Offer a reward to the winner and watch them all enter.

Collect data

Doing all of these things won’t do a company any good with millennials if they aren’t collecting data. It’s important to know which social media accounts receive the most attention, and which ones shouldn’t be bothered with.

Stay Updated

What’s popular among the millennial generation today can very easily be old news tomorrow. Keep up to date with things like apps in order to keep your company up to date

Be a lovable brand

There’s nothing millennials from Utah to the East Coast love more than a brand that’s loveable. Whether it be because they have awesome stuff or because they give back to the community, it doesn’t matter. Just be a brand that people love.




Rachel Wood writes for Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google+.

  • Modern marketing is pure chaos. Consumers are revolting against stagnate companies and abandoning traditional media in droves. Only those who adapt will succeed. The revolution is in full-swing.
    Consumers are dictating how they want to do business and it’s not the way you’ve probably done business before. It might not even be the way you want to do business in the future. But, digging in your heels and refusing to adapt and change will make your brand irrelevant to the new digital consumer. You may survive, but only for a while.
    Today’s businesses and organizations are at a tipping point. Will you adapt to change and succeed?
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