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Updated by Fusion 360 on Oct 27, 2014
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Must-Have Running Gear

The running world has an extensive amount of training gear. Although this is generally a positive, the plethora of gear can confuse athletes. It is true that gear can be overwhelming, but there are a few basics that everyone needs. On top of these basics, individuals should consider using running towels, rollers, bags and training glasses.




Every athlete needs a supportive, quality pair of running sneakers. Luckily, many running stores have a treadmill where a team member can analyze an individual’s run and help them select a proper running shoe.

Running Clothing

Although there are many different options for running clothing, a workout wardrobe can be very simple. Athletes should have two or more shirts and two or more bottoms in their training closet. Generally, moisture-working material is the best for running purposes.

Women should also consider investing in two or more sports bras. Sports bras help protect an athlete’s skin and can minimize overall chafing as well.

Water Carrier

Individuals who are running more than four or five miles at a time should carry water with them. There are several water bottles that are designed for long distance training, but any carrier will do. Individuals may want to start running with plastic, store bought water bottles and then invest in a reusable bottle that fits their running style later on.

After Wrap

Running often induces body sweat, but athletes can stay dry by purchasing a quick-dry towel. Individuals who drive their vehicle after training may also benefit from a specific training towel that covers the seat of their car. The Mud’s Transition & Seat Wrap can keep athletes dry and protect their car after a run. The towel can be found here.

Foam Roller

After training, foam rolling can stretch an individual’s muscles and break up their scar tissue. In the running world, foam rollers created by a company named Trigger Point are very popular. Athletes often recommend the company’s smallest roller because it is a convenient travel companion.

Running Pouch

There are many running bag options, but many runners prefer small bags. Individuals who need to carry keys or a phone on their run can benefit from investing in a waistband that will help them carry items comfortably.

Stretching Band

Stretching bands are important for runners because they can be used for strength training as well as stretching. Xfinity Fitness creates one of the most popular running band. The product costs around $30 and can be found here.


Eye protection is an important, but often overlooked, part of training. Today, there are many lightweight sunglasses that can be used for running. Furthermore, several brands have created glasses that are adjustable and fog resistant.




Mackenzie Martin writes for Mettis Trainer. She is a writer at Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google+.


Running Trainer

Running Trainer

There are many running training apps that can track fitness levels, foot balance and even running cadence.

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