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Autistic Bloggers

Autistic bloggers: writers, video-bloggers, and whatever other means of personal broadcasting exist.

Alexis Whitmore

Young girl about aspects of living with asperger's.

Alienhippy's Blog

"A place where I can be me!"

Andrea's Buzzing About

An "insect psychologist" contemplates human behaviour.

A Quiet Week In The House

Labels don’t matter much, but I am thrilled to have a name to go along with the challenges and strengths that have followed me all my life.

A Quiet Week is my little spot for self-discovery and creative cheer.

I hope to share my wisdom, experiences, and humor–although it will come with a generous dose of worry, obsessiveness, and uncertainty.

Aspects of Aspergers

This is a blog about my personal experience of Asperger Syndrome. I intend to combine my perspective as a woman with Asperger Syndrome together with the theories and research, to describe what it’s like to be on the autistic spectrum, why certain difficulties arise, and what strategies I find helpful to deal with the particular challenges of Aspergers.

Aspergers and Me

The basics – I am an adult woman on the autism spectrum, diagnosed as an adult. I wrote about my journey to getting the diagnosis here, so I do not feel the need to get into it again. Suffice to say, getting that diagnosis answered a LOT of questions I had about myself, and really helped me on my overall journey towards happiness and self acceptance. Since I like to write and I apparently have things I want to say, I started this blog shortly after getting diagnosed.

Aside from my identity as a female Aspie, I take horseback riding lessons, I crochet, I enjoy doodling and writing on occasion, and I like to assemble things.

Asperger's Diary by Lynne Soraya

"Lynne Soraya learned early the impact of expectations and the reality of the diversity of the human experience. A child with an unusual profile of skills and abilities, she was blessed with excellent teachers who saw through her differences and struggles to the ability beneath. It was only in adulthood, after years of difficulties and confusion, that she learned that her differences had a name: Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism."

Aspienaut - Wired Differently

In a small group of people, when there's a degree of banter going on and jokes are being made at each others expense, I can see it happening and join in with the best of them. There is something about the group that makes it easier to decode the humour.


I write mostly about autism-related stuff, out of an intense desire to share what I’ve learned so far. There are so many misconceptions about what autism is, and how it affects people. Everyone’s experiences are different. I hope I can let others know that they’re not alone.

Bunny Hopscotch

Making sense of the senses, musing over muses... and just having great fun!


I am a 30-something cat lover with Asperger’s. I live in the UK and was diagnosed in 2010. Now I try to raise awareness of Asperger’s Syndrome, particularly in relation to students in Higher Education. This is a personal blog about my experiences of being neurodiverse, and my continued journey towards self-understanding and acceptance.

Donna Williams' Blog

I told (MY COLLEAGUE) she was a worthless slut who will now cause this poor chap, who certainly did not adhere to Debretts, years of imprisonment with big black chaps because she is a worthless slut who should not have been there. In Dubai, she would be locked up as well.

Eating Off Plastic

Kelly Dillon's entertaining cartoon blog about Sensory Processing Disorder.

Emma's Hope Book

Autism, Parenting and Being.

Hello, I’m Mia. I’ll be doing a series of vlogs to share my journey of running my own business and Autism.

Graphic Explanations | An occasionally illustrated exploration of the autistic spectrum and its overlaps

I'm prone to being late to everything and to getting extremely upset if I miss travel connections even within my own country, and that's without the non-refundable expense and vastly increased administration requirements (visas, insurance, multiple connecting forms of transport etc).


Let me tell you a little about myself. It’s a reflexive pronoun that means ‘me’… Like most of you I have many stories – some I can’t believe are true even though I lived them. Only by looking back can I see where they’ve brought me, and the places I’ve been.

In this respect some of the stories here are as new to me as they are to you, reframed and retold through the lens of neurodiversity.

Ido in Autism Land

Ido in Autism Land.

"I am an autistic guy with a message. I spent the first half of my life completely trapped in silence. The second - on becoming a free soul. I had to fight to get an education. Now I am a regular education student. I communicate by typing on an iPad or a letter board. My book, "Ido in Autismland" is now available on Amazon. It is an autism diary, telling the story of my symptoms, education, and journey into communication. I hope to help other autistic people find a way out of their silence too."

Invisible strings - Stories from the Autism Spectrum.

M Kelter was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 30. He now writes about life on the Autism Spectrum, focusing on: childhood and adolescent experiences with mindblindess, depression and what it was like teaching himself to use body language.

Jax Blunt

Reading} rattletrap car to the little ones, then Tigerboy did a drawing of the baby's boat on paint, while Smallest and I did some nature drawing. {Experimenting} with pastels. I quite like the results. {Enjoying} a brisk walk to the beach in the only patch of dryness we had today.

Letters from Aspergia

Tips and resources for living with Aspergers, and stories from an Aspie life.

Life with Aspergers

A blog about living with Asperger's Syndrome and Parenting Children with Asperger's Syndrome.

Married, With Aspergers

Life and marriage with Aspergers Syndrome.

Max's shop of horrors

I’m aspiring fiction writer from Melbourne Australia, and this blog is a workshop for my various bizarre creations, and an exploration of living with Asperger’s Syndrome and OCD.

I am working on several short novels at present, and looking into publishing them as eBooks. When I do, I will share links here so that anyone interested can check them out.

Maybe Autism Explains It All

Adult, married, childless (or childfree, depending on how you look at it), Canadian female.