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Updated by Fusion 360 on Jan 30, 2018
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8 Biggest Reasons For Semi- Truck Accidents

Semi-truck driving accidents are a growing concern on the highway and freeways from Utah to route 66. Often times a personal injury is acquired on all sides of an accident. The reasons for these accidents range far and wide. Here a few of the problems that led to the disastrous events.

Tired Drivers

Tired driving could make for an accident when driving any car but especially when a semi-truck is involved. The sheer mass of these trucks makes them extra dangerous. A tired driver could result in the accidents where a personal injury may occur.

Drug Use

Whether a driver is using prescription drugs or illegal drugs they will experience side effects. A reaction to these drugs can cause an accident and lawyers may need to be involved.


Semi drivers are often overworked. Extra hours are added onto an already busy route. This creates an environment teeming with exhaustion and negligence. Personal injury can occur and lawyers can be called for accidents involving overworked drivers.


Occasionally an inexperienced driver will be involved in an accident. They may not be used to the truck or the rules and this lack of knowledge can lead to accidents where lawyers need to be involved.




Oftentimes semi-truck drivers have a deadline they need to make. As they are rushing across the Utah desert on their way to a factory across the world they can lose their caution.


The change in weather is especially harmful for truck drivers. The slick roads can make for a dangerous trek. Personal injury can occur when weather interferes with drivers’ ability to stay safe.

Lane changing and Signal use

When a semi-truck switches lanes they have a lot of truck to move. Sometimes being in a blind spot can be the cause of an accident. These cases require lawyers and can cause pain so it is best to be safe.


Keeping up on the maintenance of an engine is crucial to the functionality of the truck. Lack of maintaining the truck can be the difference between making it to Utah or not.




Ciera Putnam writes for Adams Davis PC. She is a writer at Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google +

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