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Updated by Fusion 360 on Oct 23, 2014
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8 Things Your SEO Company Shouldn’t Be Doing

Hiring an SEO company to beef up your Internet game can be one of smartest decisions a company can make. SEO, while still a relatively new concept in the world of advertising, is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing out there. Companies should be careful, though, that their SEO company knows what they’re doing before paying them the big bucks.

Putting all their Eggs in Google

Sure, Google may be one of the biggest dogs on the porch, but they’re not the only search engine out there. Marketing agencies do themselves a huge disservice by focusing solely on Google’s rankings and ignoring other search engines like Yahoo! and Bing!.

Outsourcing Writing

Content is one of a marketing company’s most powerful tools. Outsourcing writing to an unknown source can be a dangerous move with costly results. Hiring full-time writers is much more effective.

Overstuffing Keywords

While keywords can help improve a site’s ranking, too many keywords can ruin a site’s credibility. The use of keywords should, like anything else in SEO, be done in moderation. Otherwise, marketing agencies run the risk of losing their site’s integrity.

Sticking with the Same Designs

If a company hasn’t redesigned their site since 1998, it’s time to join the 21st century. A quick site redesign can go a long way in attracting site traffic and creating a positive first impression.

Putting Too Much Stock in Rankings

Many marketing agencies view rankings as the end goal of SEO. While rankings can be a good indicator of their site’s success, the end goal should be increased client visibility and overall revenue.

Scraping Content

Using content from another website is a major “don’t” when it comes to SEO. Scraping content can actually lead to penalties (such as a lower ranking) from search engines like Google and can ruin a client’s reputation.

Ignoring Social Media

Social media is a marketing agency’s dream. One “like” or “share” on social media means instant publicity with minimal effort. Social media campaigns have popped up more and more in the past decade, proving themselves to be a formidable mode of advertising.

Using Only Articles

The Internet provides a wide range of opportunities for SEO developers to get their message out there. While written content is effective, site redesign, internal links, PPC and other methods are just as useful.




Annalee Sine is a writer for Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google+.

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