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Amazing digital resources I'd love to have in my library

Although I am not currently working as a Teacher-Librarian, the libraries I have spent time in would need a significant budget upgrade to get their hands on these wonderful resources...Aim for the moon, and if you miss you'll reach the stars...! I have tried to choose resources which focus on narrative or text, rather than games, as my aim was to explore options suitable for a promotion of reading program in the primary school library where I am completing my SPP.

Bridging Book

Uploaded by Hing Hung on 2014-01-28.

This little book seems to be a prototype to what I assume we will start seeing a lot more of soon – a book which bridges both print and electronic texts. It is not yet available for sale. The idea is wonderful, however, one review observes that at this stage, the book is little more than a gimmick to show off new technology (Hoffelder, 2013). Still, it is certainly something for us TLs to keep on our radar. As the technology develops, it could offer some wonderfully engaging resources to keep our students reaching for books and enjoying our libraries.

Hoffelder, N. (2013, May 27). The Bridging Book crosses the digital/ analogue divide [Web log post]. Retrieved 16 October, 2014, from

Go Away Big Green Monster Review and Commentary

This ebook is based on the paper storybook "Go Away Big Green Monster" by Ed Emberly. It does a wonderful job of augmenting the original text, without becoming so much of a game as to take away from the story itself. While the original book uses cut out pages to create the face of the monster and then gradually make it disappear, the app uses background colour changes. Children can play around with the monster, making it’s face move and expressions change. The story is complemented in the app by a lovely little song. In my opinion, this book is the perfect example of electronic literature for children – it is not a cartoon or a game. It is simply a storybook which has been made more engaging through technology, without loosing its original purpose.

Bartleby's Book of Buttons Storybook App

This book looks like a great addition the the library for upper primary students. In order to read the story, each page needs to be unlocked by completing a puzzle. It is reminiscent of the choose-your-own adventure and puzzle books that I used to enjoy in late childhood. Fitting with my criteria, the interactive aspect of the book (the puzzles) are part of the story, rather than creating a distraction which takes over.

Monkeys in My Head - A Story App by Paperplane

Again, I have not had a chance to actually look at this book but chose it because, unlike many ebooks, it has mature themes which would be suitable for an upper-primary age group. The site Geeks with Juniors has provided a useful review for anyone interested.

Mike Matas_ A next-generation digital book - Mike Matas (2011) (video).mp4

Uploaded by Unibocconi1459080 on 2011-10-18.

Ok, strictly speaking this is not really for a primary audience, however, I had to include it because it shows how much potential ebooks can have. I makes me realise how urgent it is for school libraries to invest some money in infrastructure which will allow them access to these kinds of books.

The Man with the Violin book trailer

This book won the digital book award for 2014. The story touches my heart, and the themes talk of the reasons I love to work with children. While lots of ebooks are game-like, this is a true picture book, written and illustrated in the traditional way. It is available in digital or hardcopy. The ebook has interactive moments as well as music by Joshua Bell, the musician whose performance in a subway inspired the story.