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Updated by Fusion 360 on Oct 22, 2014
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Personal Injury Trends

Personal injury law has gone through some changes over the past few decades. Keeping up to speed on the current trends in the law can help victims know what to expect in any case, whether they’re the victim of fraud in North Carolina or medical malpractice in Utah.

Using lawyers

More and more victims are using lawyers to handle their personal injury claims. Statistics show that victims that hire a personal injury lawyer to handle their claim typically receive much more money than those who do not. Lawyers also help to insure that a victim is not taken advantage of by either the court system or insurance companies.

More Media Malpractice

Media malpractice can include both false advertising and false representation by the media (such as libel or slander). Media outlets are paying larger damages than ever before for emotional distress, false claims, and other charges.

Joint Liability

Courts are doing more research into personal injury claims to find out who exactly is to blame for the incident in question. Over the past few years, courts have been declaring “joint liability” in more and more cases, meaning that both parties are responsible for the incident in question.

More Research

Clients know that knowledge is their best friend when it comes to winning a personal injury lawsuit. With the amount of information available on the Internet, even a victim from the smallest town in Utah could win a suit against the world’s biggest corporation.

More Claims

The amount of money spent on personal injury claims, lawyers, and damages has steadily increased in the past few years. Consumers are increasingly more aware of their rights as individuals and not afraid to exercise them.

Increased Safety Standards

Because of the increase in personal injury suits over the past decade, more companies are increasing their safety standards and making their warranties air tight.

Increased Responsibility

While in the past an injury might have been deemed an “accident,” leaving the victim without any form or compensation, today’s legal standards are pushing for more assumption of responsibility on the part of manufacturers and other guilty parties.

Settling Outside of Court

Guilty parties are looking for out of court settlements much more frequently. Part of the reason seems to be the amount of press that trials receive in today’s media, especially social media. The less the public knows about a conflict involving their company, the better.




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