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Updated by Fusion 360 on Oct 22, 2014
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Where Can you Use Apple Pay?

The year of 2014 has seen many things. From the introduction of ObamaCare to Miley Cyrus breaking out as a world famous twerker, it has been a year for the books. For the tech world though, nothing compares with the revolutionary introduction of the iPhone 6 and Apple Pay. Of course, when revolution such as this comes about, the rest of the world has to catch up. More and more businesses and firms are marketing their ability to accept Apple Pay.

Bank of America

Your bank’s ability to link your accounts with Apple Pay is the first step to being able to take advantage of the new feature. Along with Bank of America, other banks and firms that have jumped on the bandwagon include Chase, Citi, Capital One and Wells Fargo. Other banks will be coming soon.


The popular department store has always worked to have a loyal following of customers. They are now marketing their compatibility with Apple Pay, enforcing their idea of customer service even further.


When you have that craving for a delicious Big Mac and fries, there will be nothing holding you back from getting what you want. The restaurant corporation has installed Apple Pay devices in its restaurants worldwide.




Now even buying dog food is easy and hassle free. Just tap with your phone at the register, verify your ID and you and your pup can be playing at the park in no time at all.




Nike has always been a forward thinking company. Sports enthusiasts everywhere are rejoicing at their favorite company’s addition of Apple Pay.

Whole Foods

No more groaning when you have to do grocery shopping. Now with Apple Pay, picking up your organic cereals and almond milk is as easy as gluten free pie.


Even your phone applications accept this new way of paying. Just confirm your purchase and Apple Pay will fill in your address, email and other contact information for you, making purchases on your devices faster and more convenient. Other companies and firms have started creating apps that are now compatible with Apple Pay as well.


Macy’s has been around for as long as many of us can remember. Its full history isn’t keeping this brand from moving forward, though. The company has started marketing its addition of Apple Pay to their stores.




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