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Historical Battles of India

India has the history long wars and traditional controversies between dynasties, empires and countries. These are the major battles of historical India which had helped the nation to mould in to its current form. Let's go through and give your suggestions..

Battle of the Hydaspes

Happened : BC 326
Location : Punjab State

Alexander the great fought with Kings Porus of Hindu Paurava Kingdom at the bank of Hydapes river in Punjab . Alexander won this battle and founded the Alexander Empire in India.

Battle of Kalinga

Happened : BC 261
Location : Kalinga, Odisha State

One of the bloodiest war in the Indian History which was with Mourya Empire and the Kalinga ruler Ashoka Chakravarthy. Mourya Empire defeated him in the war and it lead him to adopt Bhuddhist Vision of life.

Battle of Tarain

Happened : 1191
Location : Thanesar, Haryana State

This was between Ghurid force led by Mu'izz al-Din and a Chauhan Rajput army led by Prithviraj Chauhan.. It had not ended in a single war but they were fought between on the very next year.

Battle of Panipat

Happened : 1526
Location : Panipat, Haryana State

The Mughal Emperor Babur fought against Ibrahim Lodi of Lodi Empire and established the Mughal Empire in India. Battle of Panipat continued in the years of 1556 and 1761.

Battle of Ghaghra

Happened : 1529
Location : Ghaghara, Bihar State

The war happened between Sultanate of Bengal and Mughal Empire which lead by the Babur. This war resulted by victory of Mughals and founded the Mughal Empire in Bhihar.

Battle of Karnal

Happened : 1739
Location : Karnal, Haryana State

The Muhammed Shah fought with the Afsharid Dynasty. The war resulted by the victory of Nader Shah of Afsharid Dynasty.

Battle of Plassey

Happened : 1757
Location : Palashi, Ancient Bengal State
The establishing war of English East India Company in India. They defeated The Nawab of Bengal and his allied force of Frence Army.

Battle of Buxar

Happened : 1764
Location : Buxar, Ancient Bengal State

Another foundational war in India for English East India Company. In this time they defeated combined force of Nawab of Bengal, Nawab of Awadh and Mughal Empire.

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