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Updated by Fusion 360 on Oct 21, 2014
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8 Tips For Making Your Gun Safe Safer

The function of a gun safe is to, obviously, keep belongings safe. But there are extra measures one can take to make safes even safer. Listed below are eight tips to help maximize security.

Buy a Quality Gun Safe

One of the best measures one can take to make their gun safe invulnerable is to purchase a quality one. Spending a little more money now can prevent an even greater loss in the future.

A video circulated around the Internet showing a precocious baby opening gun safes with very little effort. These safes are typically priced below $100. If a three-year-old can pry these safes open, a thief certainly could.

Keep It in a Safe Spot

The location of safes is a critical aspect of security. If possible, store safes in a more discrete spot versus keeping them in the family living room.

Secure It

Depending on the size of one’s gun safe, there remains the possibility of someone simply running off with it. Safes that are light enough to be picked up, even with difficulty, should be bolted or fastened to a secure surface.


Repeating the same number five times does not constitute a robust passcode. Coming up with an easy passcode or combination undermines the effectiveness of safes considerably.
Avoid common passcodes like date of birth, street address or sequences like 12345.

Camouflage It

Having a gun safe blend into its surroundings helps detract attention. One doesn’t need to painstakingly paint the vault to have it be effective. It can be as easy as choosing a safe that has the same color as the decor where it’s stored.

Out of Water’s Reach

Most gun safes are not watertight. As such, it is important to keep them in an area where water won’t get to them.  Make sure to keep the safe elevated at least one foot above ground.

The Right Size

Overstocking one’s gun safe can be a messy affair. More importantly, it can prevent it from fully closing. When shopping, be sure to purchase the right size for the job.


Homeowners often purchase a small firearm to protect themselves and their family. Should an intruder break into one’s home, it is important to have easy access to the gun safe.

While it is important to keep a safe hidden in a secure location, it is ill-advised to hide it so well that it is inaccessible.




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