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Marco polo - the inspiration.. The legacy..

Of course there was once a time when people used to think that the earth is plat like a saucer and if you travel far enough you might just fall off the edge of it.

The Travels Of Marco Polo – Journey To China And Back

The story of Marco Polo’s travel to China is as interesting as it is unbelievable. How the entire chain of events transpired to get this amazing person a chance to explore the world is simple astounding.

Marco Polo - A Ready Reference And Fact Sheet On His Life And Travels

Marco Polo was one of the most noted travellers and writers of ancient history. In fact the whole concept of travel writing and blogging was originally developed by this man as he journeyed across Europe and Asia, trying to find better routes for journeys and making new connections with the people of the world.

Imagine what the time was like in the 1200s...People didn’t really understand or even know what the world was like.

The Silk Road And Marco Polo - Understanding The History That Connects Them

When we look at human history, we will find many aspects without which wit will be simply impossible to reach where we are right now. The discovery of fire.. The invention of the wheel.. The first civilized people of the world.. And the Silk Road..

A Complete Description Of The Time And Travels Of Marco Polo In China

There are many notable travellers that have become famous in history but none has been able to achieve the level of notoriety and celebratory status like that of Marco Polo. His travels across Asia have become legend in the world of explorers, inspiring more people to pluck up the courage to venture out and discover the world around them.

Marco Polo In China – An Expedition That Changed The Course Of History
One of the biggest names in adventure travel in the ancient times, Marco Polo managed to be the inspiration of many explorers and travellers after his time.
The Life And Travels Of Marco Polo – A Simple Factsheet To Summarize His Extraordinary Life
There are many things about the ancient explorers that stand to fascinate us. Many great people have led amazing lives in which we too can find inspiration. But only few have been able to achieve such glory that their name and work becomes the motivation behind several other greats of the world!
Marco Polo Factsheet – A Great Life In A Nutshell

History is always talking about people who did great things - men and women, who managed to bring about revolutions, discover new things and create a big name for themselves in the world. History remembers these people and immortalises their existence, making them into legends that will be remembered forever more.

The Travels of Marco Polo – A Simple Fact Sheet To Know His Great Life

There have been many great explorers over the centuries in the world who have gained notoriety and fame. These are people who have pushed the boundaries of human existence much farther than before.

China is a vast country with much to offer to the travelers through such services like Marco Polo tours that take away the pain from the journey. As the travel agents help with all the hotel arrangements and even flight bookings, you and your family can now concentrate completely on discovery.