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Headline for 19 ways of how you can make your garden 🏡 safe for your children 👩‍👦
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19 ways of how you can make your garden 🏡 safe for your children 👩‍👦

Here is a extensive list taken from articles and post I have collected over the years on Child safety in the garden
Cause some times we need eyes at the back of our head sometimes.,and the only way is too make sure that nothing can harm them in the garden

Garden Safety for Kids

Author: Denise Tyler - Updated: 22 May 2018

Gardens are great to have and wonderful to be in but they do have their hazards, particularly to children. Every year, around 125,000 children are killed or injured in gardening accidents.
Though I do agree with some points made here in this article . There is some point where you have to draw the line.
In this case don't be to over protective

Toddler safety outdoors

Once your toddler is mobile, you'll want to make sure she's safe when she's exploring the great outdoors with you. Here are our safety tips for when you're out and about. Check that the area contains no sharp objects, such as broken bottles or tin cans.

Gardening for Babies and Kids - Gardening Jones

Gardening with kids and grandkids in mind might change what you grow.

Composting with |

National Gardening Association offers the Web's largest and most respected array of gardening content for consumers and educators, ranging from general information and publications to lessons and grants. Explore our Web site and discover a world of gardening possibilities. is a resource of the National Gardening Association dedicated to providing content and resources specifically designed for use with children and in educational environments.

Garden Activities For Teens: How To Garden With Teenagers

Small children are endlessly fascinated with plants and the growing process, but gardening with teens poses more of a challenge. This article will help with ideas on gardening with teenagers.

Have safe household plants for kids, pets

Each year the holidays seem to bring up the questions and concerns about the poinsettia or other plants that are toxic to children and animals. The reality is that none of the holiday plants are toxic to either. The only thing that is even mildly irritating is the sap from the poinsettia when it comes...

HOW TO: Get Your Children Excited About Gardening
  1. Start with a Story Just as with any other project, I always suggest starting with a story. Children love books, especially picture books and surprisingly even as your child gets older they will still find picture books captivating. Choose a selection of books that focus on different veggies y ...
Children: getting them interested in gardening/RHS Gardening

Find out all you need to about caring for Wisteria. Read advice from RHS to find out everything from growing your own plants, fruit & veg to winter pruning.

How do you get children interested in gardening? - little green fingers

Let's be honest, kids are naturally attracted to gardening. It's the mud that does it.. and the water. I find the really difficult bit is getting them to move from this stage of general mayhem into something more focused and...

Gardening with children: How to keep kids busy in the garden

One of the great things about the garden is that it's miles away from the technology that distracts us inside the home. It's a great place for the family to reconnect with each other and with nature. Plus, there is nothing worse than a house full of kids complaining that they are bored.

How to Start Gardening with Your Children

Bible stories, DVDs, music, fun activities, lessons, blog, and resources by Phil Vischer to help Parents raise children in an authentic Christian lifestyle

Gardening with Children - Solutions for Sustainable Living

Information and resources for gardening with your children.

Gardening With Children From Suttons Seeds

Tips on how to make gardening with children fun and exciting during the holidays and beyond with Suttons Seeds

Gardening with Children - Solutions for Sustainable Living

Information and resources for gardening with your children.

Gardening with Kids: How Fast Does a Plant Grow?

 Gardening is such a fun science activity for kids.  It allows them to explore botany (the study of plants), habitats and pollination.It's also a wonderful family activity as everyone can get involved in planting, growing and harvesting from your own backyard.Even if you don't have the time or space for a full-blown garden, the kids would...

Growing Green Kids....

Children are natural gardeners. They are curious. They like to learn by doing and LOVE playing in the dirt! Traditionally, children are said to hate eating their greens but gardening can transform their attitude to fruit and vegetables. When children participate in growing edible plants, they are more motivated to taste, eat, and enjoy fruits and …

How to build a sensory garden at your school

Browsing through the hundreds of ideas submitted to The School We'd Like competition, a sensory or wildlife garden jumped out as a project which many teachers were calling out for, especially at special schools. But what are the secrets to creating the perfect sensory garden?

Green little fingers: How to help your kids love gardening in a new generation -

One of the things I remember most about my maternal grandmother is her garden. She grew everything she needed to eat, from garlic to potatoes. Her green fingers were legendary, mostly o