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Updated by Shiv Kumar Gupta on Nov 26, 2014
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How to submit XML Sitemap in Google Webmaster for Blogger Blog

Hi Guys, Welcome to SEO On Peak. Previously I posted about how to make your first blog on blogger. I think you have read that post and now I am going to tell you about how can we submit XML sitemap to the blogger Blog.

How to make your First Blog on Blogger - For Newbies

Hey Hi Everyone, This is Shiv Kumar Gupta and welcome all to SEO On Peak. All the day I am reading different types of blogs of many successful bloggers. They all are successfully making money online with different types of online marketing activities.

Some Basic SEO Interview Questions with Answers

Hi Everyone, Welcome to SEO On Peak. After a long time I am here to share some interesting SEO questions which are very beneficial and important for beginners. So lets start the SEO question-Answer series without wasting your time..... 1. A link is _____________ when two sites link to each other; a type of backlink that should be avoided.

Basic SEO Checklist 2014

Hi Everyone, Welcome again at SEO On Peak, all about the peak position of SEO. Now , I want to share something interesting about some basic SEO checklist means before doing SEO of a website what should be considered from SEO point of view.....

The Evolution of Social Media: An Infographics

Home > The Evolution of Social Media: An Infographics > The Evolution of Social Media: An Infographics

Be Smart while choosing a best SEO Company

Before starting this post I want to ask some questions to you. Do you run a business? Is your business on line? Do you want to run a successful on-line business? Do you want to make a website and grow your on-line business from this? Do you want to target your local on-line audiences?

Alexa Ranks: How to take Advantage from This

Every blogger, Web-master, Internet Marketer must know about Alexa and its ranking effects. Alexa ranking plays an important role in SERP. Basically, Alexa is a California based subsidiary company of,provides the web traffic data all over the world. Ranking system is totally set by which track and make public the frequency of visit on different websites.

Google Tag Manager: An Overview

While surfing on the Internet, I came across a concept called Google Tag Manager. This is very essential for every web-master to know about GTM. Managing analytics tagging can be more tough condition for some companies or Businessmen.

How to Connect Twitter Account with Facebook Account- Tutorial

As Everybody knows, Social media play an important role in the field of Internet marketing. Everyone wants to connect with their relatives and business clients in each and every moment. Now Facebook and Twitter is most popular social platform in the world.

Profile Creation in SEO

There are lot of Off Page Link building activities in Website Promotion like Article submission, Social Bookmarking, Blog Comments, Forum Postings etc. Now a days, Profile Creation is one of the best and popular link building activity in SEO. In this activity, we have to create user's profile on different profile creation websites.

How to Make Link Wheel in SEO

You are working to promote and get visible your website in Google Search rankings since a long time. But there is no positive response. Now, do you aware from Link Wheel Term? This is the important part of the Search Engine Optimization. Link wheel is the term to create a wheel from different blogging and web 2.0 websites.

How To Add Google Places for Business: New Updates

Recently I saw some changes in Google Local Listing. Google Local Listing is the procedure to add your business in the Google and finally it will come as a result in the Google Map and Their Local searching. Now I give you some snap shots to Add the Business with Latest Update.

SEO On Page & Off Page Concepts

On-Page Concepts: While Doing SEO of any website, First Of all We have to do On-Page Optimization of that Website. In this, we optimize the different coding parts according to the Search engine so that our website will become proper visible to Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Importance Of Social Media In SEO

Modern Time is all about the Socialization. There are lot of Social websites that are widely used. Everyone wanna get socilize with other people. Social Plateform allow the people to communicate with others and share valuable information according to the interest whether they are in any field.

How to change Blog Templates in Blogger Blog

Hi Everybody, Welcome to SEO On Peak blog. As Everybody know that in INTERNET marketing, blogging is so popular. In my previous post I told you about how to make you first blogger blog. Now I am going to tell you how we can change the default theme of the blogger blog to newer one that you want to upload.

Know your First Tweet on Twitter

Hi Everybody, Welcome to SEO On Peak. Twitter.........Twitter........Twitter.......Twitter...... Who don't know about this?? I think this is the foolish question. Well Twitter was founded in March, 2006 and its headquarters is in San Francisco, California, US. This is world-widely served website having approx. 3,300 employees and approx.271 million active users.

Infographic: How to Structure a Perfect SEO Optimized Page

Hello Everyone, Welcome to SEO On Peak. While reading a blog Quick Sprout, a famous blog by Neil Patel , I came across an info-graphic here regarding " How to Structure a Perfect SEO Optimized Page". This is awesome inforgraphic created by him. Now I want to share this on my blog for my readers.