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Updated by Fusion 360 on Oct 16, 2014
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Eight Absurd Personal Injury Claims

Utah residents often file common personal injury claims, but some claims are far beyond frivolous. Individuals and their lawyers can go to great lengths to peruse their claims, ridiculous or not. The following list outlines eight of the most absurd personal injury lawsuits of all time.


Lap Coffee

Lap Coffee

One of the most known lawsuits was filed against McDonald’s restaurant in 1944. An elderly woman was burned by McDonald’s coffee and she decided to hire one of her state’s lawyers to handle the claim. The woman originally received $160,000 from the fast food giant, but eventually received over $2,000,000 dollars from the company.

Although this claim has become a source of comic relief for many, it is an excellent example for the public. Utah residents that sustain a personal injury, no matter how small, should consider scheduling a consultation with one of their state’s lawyers to discuss their accident.

Thumb Injury

On the east coast, a man sued his company because their bathroom didn’t have a doorknob. One day, when the man was leaving the bathroom, another patron opened the door at the same time and his thumb was injured. Overall, the lawyers argued that the injury also made him miss six months of work. The jury eventually awarded the injured man over $3,000,000.

Thief Gets Trapped

After a man broke into a house, he couldn’t get out. He attempted to open the garage door and another door to escape, but both were not functioning properly. The man was trapped in the home for eight days and was forced to eat dry dog food.

After the man was released, his lawyers sued the homeowners for mental anguish. What is even more surprising is that a jury eventually awarded the man $500,000.

Scary Cookies

Two girls decided to miss their high school dance to bake their neighbor cookies. However, when they brought the cookies to their neighbor’s house and knocked on the door, they startled her. The neighbor ended up suffering an anxiety attack and filed a personal injury claim against the young girls. The woman was awarded $900.

Utah residents who are considering welcoming new neighbors or surprising old friends should do so carefully. It is always wise to inform others that you will be visiting their home. This way, they will not be startled with unexpected guests.

Weatherman Takedown

Another surprising success in personal injury was filed against a weatherman. After watching the weather report, a woman decided to dress lightly. Unfortunately, the favorable weather report was inaccurate and it rained the entire day.

The woman’s lawyers argued that their client became sick because of the cold rain. They also argued that her illness brought on psychological damage and stress. The woman ended up receiving $1,000 and an apology from the weatherman himself.

Dangerous Underwear

A woman sued Victoria’s Secret after a metal clasp flew off of her underwear and hit her in the eye. She told the company that the underwear caused irreversible damage to her vision.

Killer Sub

A popular fast food establishment in Utah, Subway was recently sued in a personal injury claim. A man found a plastic knife in his food and claimed that the knife cut him and gave him food poisoning. After much debate among the claims lawyers, the man was awarded $20,000.

Doughnut Disaster

A woman filed a claim against an ambulance company when she was told the driver stopped at a local doughnut shop before delivering her injured son to a local hospital. The woman won the lawsuit and the driver was fired.




Mackenzie Martin writes for Adams Davis PC. She is a writer at Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google +.

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