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Updated by Fusion 360 on Oct 14, 2014
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Crucial Facts About Visuals in Advertising

Adding visual aid into an advertisement is a surefire way to get people to pay more attention to the ad. Whether it is a video production or a small picture pertaining to the article, the image will trigger people’s memories.

Better Brain Processing

Articles and advertisements with some form of visual content are more attractive to readers. The brain can process the information better if there is something to associate the content with.

Viewer Captivation

Since most Internet usage is done through scrolling, it makes sense that something with a photo would catch the attention of the brain faster. The brain processes palpable things first; companies will benefit from using a picture in their advertisements.

Integral to Human Communication

What people don’t realize is that almost all of the information that brains process is non-verbal. A brain will pick up a video production without any effort because much of what is seen is being viewed unintentionally.

Site Traffic Increases

MGD found that 14 percent more views could be generated if content contains some sort of video or picture. The articles with pictures in them tend to rise to the top in searches.

Going Viral

Companies want their brand to go viral and there is no better way to get things to go viral than by using video productions and other visuals. People will be more inclined to talk about a catchy marketing scheme than something bland.

More Understandable

The utilization of a video production or other interactive and eye catching pictures can make a difficult topic more accessible.

Better a Social Media Site

Companies with social media sites can increase their followers and subscribers by adding pictures and videos to their pages. These additions show a shocking 37 percent spike in engaging the target audience according to a recent study.

Factor in Human Emotions

Human emotion plays a large part in collecting a client base. Companies need to appeal to the different things that affect a person’s purchasing habits. Visuals can give the emotional push a brand needs.




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