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#UrbanTech - Lightning Talks

Please propose a lightning talk to potentially present in one of 5 spots at the event. Vote for ideas you would like to hear about. The top 5 will be selected.

Sam Hashemi, Transitmix, Rocket Science for Mass Transit

Sam Hashemi will share stories from his time redesigning systems for the International Space Station, and how he’s working with a small team applying those lessons towards building better public transit.


Shaun Abrahamson, #UrbanTech

Shaun Abrahamson, #UrbanTech
Krista Canellakis, Entrepreneurship in Residence

The Entrepreneurship-in-Residence program, led by the Mayor's Office of Civic Innovation, brings together government and startups to explore ways we can use technology to make government more accountable, efficient and responsive.

Rose and Zac, HandUp, Lean Methods for Social Impact

Founders of HandUp, Rose and Zac, will share how they've kept the company lean from prototype to national growth. They'll share specific methods - from product experiments with zero coding required to data-informed decision making - plus how they've maintained a lean team culture.


Daniel Myers, Flair Vents, Making Hardware less Hard

Daniel Myers, Flair Vents, Making Hardware less Hard

'Hardware is Hard' but it will only get easier. The future is waiting on hardware to become more like software - cheaper faster, more versatile and accessible. We will reflect on our journey at flair on what we think will make hardware less hard.

Hannah Hagen, UC Berkeley drop-out, starts Clarity to tackle China's air pollution

What I learned moving to Shenzhen, China to start a hardware company at age 21.

Clarity - Know what you breathe.
Clarity is the world's first wearable air quality monitor. Created for China, India and other polluted places, Clarity helps you make smarter decisions with real-time updates on the air immediately around you. The crowd-sourced data will generate the world's most detailed pollution maps (waze for air quality).


Dharmishta Rood, The Open Procurement Project

Dharmishta Rood, The Open Procurement Project

Peter Shanley, There is no Big Problem Button

Peter Shanley, There is no Big Problem Button

The complex issues facing urban communities cannot be solved by technology alone. How can we build platforms that respect community organizing as much as cutting edge product development processes?