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Funny Stuff

This is a collection of everything that makes me laugh, from funny videos to funny images, photos and more. This is the most viral content on the web

Tell Me That Ain't Genius! - Cactopia Viral Video, Photos, Quotes & Funny News

I wish I had thought of some of these funny things. I'd feel like a true genius! Related PostsI Will Always Choose A Lazy PersonFunny And Real Dating ProfilesI'd Say You Nailed ItThe Many Faces of Will Ferrell

Funny Portraits of Dogs Dressed Like Humans - Cactopia Viral Video, Photos, Quotes & Funny News

Dogs dressed like humans always make me laugh Photographer Sebastian Magnani came up with the concept of taking pictures of dogs with their owners and digitally combining the two to create these bizarre and entertaining half-human, half-dog portraits. Artist - Sebastian Magnani Related PostsWho Knew A Models Job Was ...

And Then Disaster Struck - Cactopia Viral Video, Photos, Quotes & Funny News

Check out these perfectly timed photos, just before disaster struck Related PostsBest Mugshots of All TimeThe Best Of Actual Advice Mallard The Internet Has Taught Me So MuchExpectations Versus Reality

Epic British Playground Rap Battle

Did someone say "British Playground Rap Battle"? How did I not get invited? I guess it's the accent thats keeping me from taking them too seriously. Funny stuff! Related PostsBreaking Bad vs. Walking Dead Rap BattleThe Best 2-Year Old Rapper I KnowExtremely Offensive Ads Part 1Hilarious Prank On Domino's Delivery ...

Being A Model Does Not Mean You're Graceful

These models prove that just because they are models, does not mean they are graceful Model fails make me laugh!

Funny Yet Terrifying Scarecrow Prank - Cactopia Viral Video, Photos, Quotes & Funny News

How could this cute and silly scarecrow prank scare people so bad? Under that mask is one terrifying scarecrow! Related PostsHuge Collection Of Funny Baby VideosPlymouth J Clifford Confronts Double-Talking Indian ScammerThe Best News Bloopers From SeptemberVery Funny and Creative Ads

Awesome Reasons To Break Up With Someone - Cactopia Viral Video, Photos, Quotes & Funny News

Breakups that were for funny reasons We've all been with that person who seemed perfect until one little thing set us off and you knew there was no way you could spend the rest of your life with them. If you want to feel completely normal, check out some reasons ...

Exclusive Trailer For !!RENEGADE!! - Cactopia Viral Video, Photos, Quotes & Funny News

Adventure, Comedy, Romance, !!RENEGADE!! I think I was about 10 seconds into this trailer when I decided I absolutely had to see the full film. I hate to compare new films to older ones but it definitely had that campy feel of Army of Darkness combined with a little Princess ...

Random Crap That Makes Me Laugh - Cactopia Viral Video, Photos, Quotes & Funny News

Here are a bunch of random images I've been holding on to. No real category, just funny crap that makes me laugh Related PostsYou Can't Hide Fats Under 'Paintings' - Funny Fitness Center AdsWomen Who Could Use A Serious Makeup ConsultantCrap You Won't Believe Actually ExistsUnfortunate Website Names

Turnip For What? - Cactopia Viral Video, Photos, Quotes & Funny News

I'm sorry, can someone please explain what "Turnip For What?" means? Michelle Obama send the nation a cryptic message. What could it mean? Related PostsCompilation Of The Best VINES of April 2014 Guy Loses His Pants At The Ball GameDan Soder Explains Why Russians Are Scary!When Dad Learned To Text