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Top Ten Celebrity Cameos in FRIENDS

Stealing the thunder from all the other TV series of its time, FRIENDS has reached a level of affection, where almost every TV series fan has watched it thoroughly at-least twice or thrice.
The huge success in terms of its fame did not just come due to six awesome super-stars in the leads, but also due to frequent introductions of famous Hollywood celebrities, from time to time. Lets have a look at top ten celebrity cameos that contributed in the success of FRIENDS.

Brad Pitt

Appearing in season 8,Episode 9 - "The one with the rumor", as Ross's friend in High school Will Colbert, Brad Pitt made his successful cameo in FRIENDS, robbing the hearts of his fans. While Will and Ross discuss their past hatred towards Rachel Greene, she hardly seems to have any knowledge of Will's presence in school days. The thanksgiving dinner turns into a heated conversation when Will and Ross confess that they, respectively were the founder and the co-founder of 'I hate Rachel Greene Club', that was the source of an old rumor regarding Rachel being a hermaphrodite, which had made her life miserable in school.
It is to be noted that at the time the episode was first aired, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston (who played the role of Rachel Greene), were officially a couple.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts did the cameo in FRIENDS as Susie Moss, Chandler's schoolmate in the 13th episode of season 2 - "The one after the Superbowl: Part 2".
Recalling their past school-life, they remember how Chandler had made a mockery of Susie, pulling up Susie's skirt on the stage. Back in the present, they decide to go on a date, where Chandler ends up being in the same plight, when Susie leaves him wearing nothing but panties in the restaurant, where they go for the date, hence avenging him.

Bruce Willis

Appearing in Season 6, Episode 21- "The one where Ross meets Elizabeth's dad", Bruce Willis played the role of Ross's student girlfriend's dad - Mr. Paul Stevens.
He is completely against Ross dating his daughter. Though Ross tries to impress him a lot, but he doesn't make any difference in Paul's attitude towards him. Rachel and Paul start spending time, and eventually, start dating each other. Ross seeks an opportunity to make stuff work, somehow, but the more he tries, the more things fall out of place.
Bruce Willis stayed as the part of FRIENDS for three episodes.

George Clooney & Noah Wyle

Perfectly casted in the role of Dr. Michael Mitchell, George Clooney appeared in the Episode 17 of Season 1-"The one with Two parts: Part 2".
While Rachel and Monica have switched their identities so that Rachel could use Monica's health insurance, they both begin to develop feelings for two doctors, they meet in the hospital, one of which being Dr. Mitchell himself. Both the doctors are invited for the dinner to the apartment where both Monica and Rachel live, and the episode progresses with both the ladies spoiling each other's reputations, with their identities still switched.

Gary Oldman

Appearing in Episodes 23 and 24 of season 7- "The one with Monica and Chandler's wedding" both the parts, Gary Oldman played the role of Richard Crosby, an obnoxious actor Joey is shooting with. Richard keeps on spitting over Joey whenever he speaks, spoiling Joey's performance, hence making him late for Monica and Chandler's wedding.

Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau played the role of Pete Becker, for six episodes in season 3. He first appeared in "The one with the Hypnosis tape", and marked his last appearance in "The one with the Ultimate Fighting Champion".
Pete Becker was Monica's rich boyfriend who fell in love with her seeing her work in a restaurant. The relation between them couldn't blossom well, as Monica could not give him the love he needed for her, as Monica didn't have much feelings for him, and they soon broke up.


Sean Penn

Sean Penn

Casted in the role of Eric, Phoebe's twin Ursula's fiancé- Eric, Sean Penn appeared in two episodes of season 8, named - "The one with the Halloween Party" and "The one with the stain".
Being Ursula's fiancé, Eric is almost prepared to marry her, until Phoebe tells him the truth about Ursula's past, that Ursula has always lied about. Hearing this, Eric is shattered, but controls himself by developing the feelings for Phoebe, after breaking up with Ursula.
Phoebe and Eric date for a while, but soon break up.

Jeff Goldblum

Appearing augustly in Episode 15 of season 9- "The one with the mugging", Jeff Goldblum played the role of Leonard Hayes, a legendary play director.
Joey goes in for the audition of a role in the play and Leonard doesn't find him doing justice to the role, but soon Joey's unintentional fidgeting during the audition impresses him and Joey gets the part.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon did her cameo in FRIENDS in the 13th episode of season 6- "The one with Rachel's sister", as Rachel's spoilt sister Jill.
Disgusted with Jill, her dad sends her to her elder sister Rachel, so that she could learn how not to be extravagant and live independently, as their dad has a very high opinion about Rachel. Instead of improving even a bit, she becomes more careless, and starts dating Ross.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards played the role of Cassie Geller, Monica and Ross's cousin in season 7, episode 19 -"The one with Ross and Monica's cousin".
The story turns weird when Chandler, despite being totally in love with Monica, finds Cassie attractive and can't stop staring at her. It turns weirder when Ross being her cousin, gets attracted to her and tries to kiss her, hence freaking her out.