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Updated by Ryan Martin on Jul 31, 2023
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Best Online Writing Tools That All Students Should Try

When you lack motivation, inspiration and creativity to become one of the best academic writers in class, there are several resources that can help you find them. Every student has to complete a ton of papers prior to graduation, so neglecting this important part of the curriculum won’t result with the GPA you expect to achieve. Since you have to write all those papers, you will benefit by maximizing your productivity and creativity with the help of the online writing tools listed below.

Storybird - Read, write, discover, and share the books you'll always remember.

If you still haven’t started using Storybird, then you’re missing a lot. This concept will inspire you to write awesome stories and write books with your own words in the matter of minutes. The versatile choice of art featured at the website will surely inspire ideas, and you will be further motivated by the encouragement of your readers.
Are you wondering what these stories have to do with essay writing? Developing skills of creative writing takes a lot of practice, and Storybird makes that process fun and effortless.

Custom Essay Writing Service

When you need to complete an especially complicated paper that’s important for your final grade, you cannot leave things to chance. Sometimes there is hardly enough time to work on all assignments, so you may need to rely on professional writing assistance provided by expert writers and editors. will save you a lot of time and effort; all you need to do is provide your instructions and you will receive a high-quality piece by the deadline.

World Wide Words: Home page

In order to become a better academic writer, you need to improve your vocabulary and learn new words that will seem natural when you use them in your papers. World Wide Words is a great website that provides a wide range of phrases and words, as well as etymology, writing style, and grammar resources. Learning a new word every day is more fun than you think, and your professors will surely be impressed with this activity.

Remember The Milk: Online to-do list and task management

The ability to manage your time and tasks effectively is extremely important if you want to complete all assignments by their deadlines. You are surely frustrated when a classmate reminds you that a paper is due tomorrow and you haven’t even started the research process. This app will prevent such occurrences; since it will help you organize all tasks you need to complete.


Before you start writing a paper, you usually promise to yourself that you’ll stay away from all distractions, but still end up wasting your time on Facebook. That won’t happen if you start using Freedom – an app that blocks all digital distractions and prevents you from using the Internet in order to reach the peak of your productivity.


When you think too much about a certain topic, you may end up confused by the many ideas you get. Students sometimes need to sit in front of the computer and start writing without thinking. That helps them surpass the writer’s block, and the final results are surprisingly successful. One Word is a concept that provides you with a single word and gives you sixty seconds to write whatever comes to your mind. That’s a cool way to practice your creative thinking and writing skills.

Mobile Dictionary, iPhone App & iPad App - Free Mobile Apps from

The good old Thesaurus is also available as an app that you can access anytime. When you cannot think of a particular world, you can avoid scanning pages of your thesaurus book and get immediate answers from the Thesaurus app.


It’s always possible to become a better academic writer

It’s always possible to become a better academic writer

You don’t have to love the topics your professors assign in order to produce great essays. All you need is some inspiration and commitment, as well as proper tools that will help you stay focused on your goals. The above-listed resources will make it easier for you to meet the deadlines and submit top-notch papers on any topic.