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Things You Need to Know Before Shearing a Sheep

Following these simple steps will prepare you and your sheep for the best shearing experience.

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How to Shear a Sheep

How to Shear a Sheep. Shearing is necessary for the health and happiness of your sheep, and even though it's a dirty, sweaty, tiring job, it is also extremely rewarding. It's important to know what you're doing while shearing, otherwise...

How to Shear a Sheep With Hand Shears | eHow

Shearing a sheep is hard work requiring patience, stamina and a strong back. You must control the sheep, and at the same time maneuver the hand shears to efficiently cut the wool. Sheep grow wool continuously, so shearing is necessary at least once or twice a year.

Shearing Sheep

Sheep grow wool continuously, so it is important to shear them at least once a year.
Shearing is generally carried out in spring, so that sheep don’t get overheated during summer.
If a sheep is not shorn, its fleece becomes so bulky that it has difficulty moving around.

Preparing the Sheep Flock for Shearing

Shearing is a job that must be done each year. Preparing your facilities and flock properly will make the job much easier on everyone involved. Sheep must be dry to be sheared! Sheep with wet wool should not be sheared! This includes dew, or in some cases frost.

What Are the Basics of Sheep Shearing?

The basics of sheep shearing include using the proper tools, maintaining calm with the animals to avoid stress and potential injury, and using the proper methods for ensuring that the wool remains in good condition. Techniques can be easily learned for shearing sheep, although many breeders and farmers hire a professional shearer to complete the job for them.

Shearing Preparation

All year long: Use straw for bedding. Hay is a feed and not absorbent enough to do the job as bedding. Shavings are always a no-no, in fact, the spinneries won't touch your fleece if there is contamination from sawdust or shavings. Straw is always the best choice.

Choosing the Right Sheep Shearing Equipment

Or it may be new to you, especially the idea of buying equipment online. However, it doesn't have to be difficult or stressful when you know what to look for. Whether you are buying makeup or a car, eye glasses or sheep shearing equipment, it helps to have confidence in the people you are buying from.