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Alaska Neurology Center


Migraine is a very common word that is heard normally in day to day life. But hardly anyone is aware of about what actually it is what are its symptoms and what are its causes and precautions except the people who are actually suffering from Migraine.

Know with me my personal experience about neurology!

From the time of my childhood to the time when I went to office, I was totally not aware of what neurology is all about.

Know what an ACR Accreditation is!

Magnetic resonance imaging, popularly known as MRI is a technique that is used in radiology to investigate the anatomy and physiology of the body. Technically advanced MRI scanners are used to form the image of the body.

What is neuropsychology and for what purposes it is used is a significant thing to know. Neuropsychology is a science of studying brain and behavior relationships.

information about neurology and neurologist

Neurology is a branch of medicine concerning with diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with disorders of the nervous system.

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Neuroradiology is a subspecialty of radiology, which focuses on the abnormal ties of brain, head, neck
and spine. A highly trained physician who is of vital importance in diagnosing and treating patients with
a variety of disorders affecting spin, brain, head and neck is commonly known as neuroradiologist

With the help of this article, discover the latest treatment to fight for MS, though there is still no cure for this disease but years of dedicated research have led to new treatments for MS that allow patients to lead better-quality lives.

What is Snoring and how it can affect your overall Health?

What is snoring? How it occurs? Basically, the vibration of thesoft tissues of the nose and mouth causes snorting noises that are referred toas snoring. Anybody can snore and the research shows that around 30% of womenand 45% of men snore while they sleep on a regular basis.There may be cases that people may snore even after consuming somekind of medicines or even when drinking alcohol or suffering from viralillness.

23 Photo Sharing: Understand the Importance of Medical Spas

Many of you are getting fascinated by these medical spas as these spas provide relaxation and peace of mind, which are much needed these days due to hectic schedules of people. Though there are many people who are not clear with the concept of these spas as they still believe that these medical spas are similar to conventional spas.

Get The Detailed Information About Occipital Nerve Block (Health & Fitness-Occipital Nerve Blocks Anchorage)

What do you understand by occipital nerve block? Have you ever heard about this term? If not then this write up will give you clear information on every aspect related to the occipital nerve block. It is basically an injection comprising of medicine that is usually given around the nerves that are located on the back of the head just above the neck area.

Trigger Point Injections Anchorage

Some valuable facts about Trigger Point Injections!

A change in your Diet can help you Sleep Better

A change in your Diet can help you Sleep Better. Many researchers and sleep specialists believe that choosing the right kind of food can help you sleep better. It is a fact that sleep plays major role in making your life healthy and has a great effect on your diet.

Why it is Necessary to visit AASM Certified Sleep Centers?

What do you understand by sleep medicine? Sleep medicine is basically a medical specialty or subspecialty that is primarily devoted to the diagnosis and therapy of sleep disturbances and disorders. Sleep medicine is certainly one of the most fast evolving fields in some countries.

Take a hold of your Neuropathy Treatment with Pain Relieving Cream!

If you are heard your doctor speaking of neuropathy about your medical condition, then probably you can yourself start taking care of your medical condition. When you are going through neuropathy problems, then numb feet and tingling effect in the feet are some of the common effects that are experienced.

Look Young forever with Botox!

Who does not want to look young forever? Young age is the most amazing period of life when people look beautiful, attractive and charming. People are full of stamina, power and have glow on face. Beautiful people are considered as healthy, can find perfect partner, confident to achieve success; not only this, other people also treat well with them.

Among many disorders that are common in today's world, insomnia is one of them that are highly prevalent in people nowadays. It is one such problem that is really very common in people. In most of the cases or may be in initial stages people are unable to recognize their problem and linger on their problem for long time that results in bad effects.

Get a Brief about Medical Spa and what Points to Consider before getting started with it!

Get a brief about medical spa and what points to consider before getting started with it!

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy- a New Way to get rid of Pains!

The advancements in the medical field have certainly taken people and mankind by storm. With each passing day, everything is undergoing a drastic change and is becoming even better for the people. Likewise, the treatments for the neurological problems and disorders have also become better and even best with the passage of time.

Neuropsychology is a part of psychology which aims to understand the functions of brain and treats the patient with brain disorder or injury. It is one of the most and scientific version of medical science which seeks to find out that how the brain is connected with normal behavior of the body.

From Nick's blog 'Explore what technique is better for Brain Imaging between CT and MRI': 'Migraine - Tried & Tested ...

Walk in headache clinics are available and need to search over internet to find a good neurological center which help in headache.

Untitled, MRI imaging- Blessing for the People who wish to...

MRI imaging- Blessing for the People who wish to get Brains Diagnosed!Magnetic resonance imaging is a medical imaging technique that is used in radiology in order to investigate the anatomy and physiology of the body. These MRI procedures are done with the help of MRI scanners.

Know in details about the Multiple Sclerosis Treatment and also about the treatment center and Doctors.

Alaska Neurological Centers

In this hi-tech scenario everyone needs time to de-stress. No matter you are on the run or reclining in your chair, your body is always under a high amount of stress and strain. By spending some time in med-spa, you can let yourself to unwind and pamper your body with the care it screams for.

Tingling, Pain, burning and numbness - They might be dangerous!

What is neuropathy? Why is has become a threat? Why do most of the people fear it? It is because it is very hard to detect the nature of neuropathy that makes it so dangerous. Symptoms of this disease are generally harmless and can occur with anyone.

The Science behind the Brain

Human beings are on the top of the food chain, we are called species with a primate brain. We have evolved from simple apes and the things we achieved through our evolution are exceptional. The phenomenal Brain of ours works through a system which is called nervous system.