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Updated by Too Rich on Oct 12, 2014
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10 Toys You Wish You Had as a Kid

Pancake Pen

Shrove Tuesday: The one day in the entire year when suddenly everyone you know is a pancake masterchef. Yours are always a either raw or burnt, and when they look perfectly cooked... they taste awful anyway! Unfortunately the Pancake Pen can't improve your recipe, (or stand over your shoulder to make sure you put the right ingredients in - its not actually that hard!)

Totoro Bed

Do you love Totoro? "Who doesn't love Totoro", I hear you say. "Only crazy people!" is the answer to that! Everyone with half a brain even loves anime, and Totoro is one of the best of all the anime ever.

Inflatable Football Pitch

Keep the kids' football games under control with a complete inflatable football pitch that sets up in minutes. Jumpers for goalposts was so last millenium! Among iPhones and Playstations, toddlers nowadays apparently also need a proper park to play on. No more arguing about the legality of a goal (although do bear in mind that goal-line technology is not included).

Always-Crunchy Cereal Bowls

One of the truly magnificent wonders of the modern world is that Too Rich have discovered not just one, but two genius gadget inventions which can finally solve one of the biggest problems in the last century: Soggy Cereal Syndrome. The two always-crunchy cereal bowls take different approaches to successfully solving the same problem.

Giant Beach Ball

Everyone loves the beach, but you've struggled to find acceptance at the beach ever since you were a pimply, weedy teen. Girls just giggled and walked past, and the boys laughed and pointed at your slender physique and spotty face.

Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper

Everyone's had those moments. You haven't changed the light bulb in the loo, so you're sitting there in the dark, about to take care of the paperwork, when you realise: You have no idea where the toilet paper is.

Colour-in Duvet

Safe vandalism! Not only can kids use their own duvet to express their artistic side, it also feels a bit wrong - which of course makes it all the more fun! This duvet cover looks like a sheet of writing paper, complete with margin and hole punch 'holes' on the side, making it ideal for doodles, drawings, and text.

Jedi Dressing Gown

A new dressing gown you need. Old dressing gown too holey and dirty is. Find a suitable new dressing gown suited to your honourable Jedi status you must. Look within yourself for the dressing gown of your dreams you can. Your ideal dressing gown, the dressing gown of Jedi robes you must seek!

Samurai Umbrella

The life of a Samurai is not an easy one. Unceasing dedication, unusual discipline, and unprecedented feats of bad-assery mean most Samurai don't have time to think of things like staying dry, and keeping their feet warm. But as a Samurai's mum, you know those things are important.

Lego Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are what every small child wants for Christmas; that daily surprise of a tiny milk chocolate figurine adds a little extra excitement to the day. But for some children, chocolate isn't enough. Kids who have everything need just a little more to justify 'excitement' instead of 'screaming fits of rage.'