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I Wanna be a Geek is your top online resource to a plethora of EVERYTHING Geek related. We provide the latest news, information, media and commentary on the most popular topics that you want to read about.

Our passion for geek-isms and interesting information extends to the wide-genre of categories on this the site. You name it and we supply you with it and provide you with the wealth of knowledge that “Geeks like you” eat up.

ABODE Ultimate Tabletop Card Boxes

Tabletop games are one of the great loves of the average geek, but anybody who loves tabletop gaming have the same problem. The bane of all players is the best way to keep their cards when their not using them. Finally a Kickstarter campaign is planning to bring that plague to an end.

Don't Feed the Trolls Plans to Fight Bullying with Music

Bullying, especially cyber bullying has become a huge problem in recent years. People all over the world have been doing their best to stamp it out to no avail. The biggest problem with cyber bullying is the anonymity of the internet. People can keep making new accounts to spew hate so long as people pay attention.

Party Slashers: The Next Great Horror Comedy

There is no better time to talk about horror movies than around Halloween, everyone at I Wanna Be a Geek are big fans of Halloween and horror movies. Out of all the different types of horror movies out there none are more fun than horror/comedies.

The Empire Strikes Back Shorts

More than 450 fans have recreated this classic Lucas film in their own 'unique' way. All of these Empire Strikes Back shorts were compiled and put into one amazing Youtube video. Believe it or not, this is just what was used from the more than 1500 video submissions.

The Wild Hunt: Bringing journalism to Paganism

What many people don't know is that paganism is alive and well in today's society. Modern paganism covers a huge range of faiths including Wicca and Druidism. In fact paganism is one of the largest religious groups in the world after Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Hackerstrip Tells Real Stories about Real Hackers

Hackers have become the heroes and villains of the 21st century. They are the shadowy group of people who seem to be capable of find anything, stealing anything, and break into anything. Hackers have become the focus of movies, television, even gaming has a growing focus on this shadowy group of computer wizards.

Elegy for a Dead World is a Whole New Type of Game

People outside of the game industry would probably say that every type of game that's ever going to be created already has been. Those are the people who have not spent anytime looking at the work being put out by indie developers.

Yozakura Sake Set are the Classiest Way to Drink

Sake is an extremely common drink all over Asia especially in Japan, it's been apart of the culture there for centuries. In fact drinking sake is involved in a huge number of ceremonies and celebrations in Japan. So many families have special glasses and carafes that they drink their sake from just like American's have dishes for special occasions.

!!RENEGADE!! - The Type Of Film Geeks Love!

For being an indie film, this trailer for Michael Cavanaughs Renegade looks amazing. A combination of action, romance, humor adventure, all rolled into a pulp film, Renegade is sure to appeal to all different types of film-goers. !!RENEGADE!! from michael cavanaugh on Vimeo.

Yozakura Sake Set are the Classiest Way to Drink

Sake is an extremely common drink all over Asia especially in Japan, it's been apart of the culture there for centuries. In fact drinking sake is involved in a huge number of ceremonies and celebrations in Japan. So many families have special glasses and carafes that they drink their sake from just like American's have dishes for special occasions.

The Marvel Universe

Thanks to Marvel Comic artists like Alex Ross, Steve Ditko, Todd McFarlane, Jack Kirby, John Romita, John Buscema, David Finch, Jae Lee, Steve McNiven, Tim Bradstreet and of course Stan Lee, we are blessed with the all-mighty Marvel Universe!

Dragon Age Inquisition Hero of Thedas

Following the ending of Mass Effect 3 Bioware and it's fans haven't been seeing eye to eye. Huge scores of fans were left outraged by the lack of choice that they were offered at Mass Effects end. The last edition to the Dragon Age series did little to turn fan opinion around.

Dicetiny Proves the Power of Indie Gaming

I Wanna Be a Geek is always saying that indie game devs are the most creative people in the gaming industry. This week we found another Kickstarter campaign that proved us right for a game like no other called Dicetiny. Dicetiny incorporates everything that you could hope for from a game mashing together a huge assortment of genres.

Fun Ways to use Apple's Siri

Here is how to make the most out of this Apple's intelligent personal assistant, in a fun way. Apple's intelligent lady-agent understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even responds intuitively and cleverly. The latest update to Apple's Operating Software, iOS 8, has brought with it Hey Siri.

Cindy: Putting a New Spin on Cinderalla's Happily Ever After

Most of us have seen Cinderella growing up, it's a classic story about a girl trapped in an abusive home who is saved with help by her fairy godmother. In the end she gets to live happily ever after with her prince charming. It's a lovely story but what if things were to happen a little differently?

The Harry Potter Alliance Annual Fundraiser

Everybody has at least heard of Harry Potter, many way even be huge fans of the series. The Harry Potter Alliance hosts a yearly fundraiser that helps pay for their year of activism in things such as economic, educational, and LGBTQ equality.

IWBAG Artist of the Week: Giulia Frontoni

IWBAG: What is your inspiration? Giulia Frontoni: Nature, sports and action; I love animals, especially predators. Bonus points for reptiles. When it comes to concept art and world building, I'm very inspired by video games and works of fiction I like.

Lazy People Can Now Speak Emoji with Bing Search

People use these Japanese emoticon smileys everywhere - from chat to social media discussions to Emails to our notebooks and personal diaries. In written form of communication, nothing is better than emoji to show emotions and display facial expressions. Us of emoji now reaches a next level.

Oh Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Drone Gone....

A White Plains, New York, resident is currently searching for an unusual missing object: his drone. Many people question the ethical implications of drone usage, but people are allowed to own and use them in the U.S. for personal purposes as long as they do not fly them above 400 feet.

How To Make Your Shed Zombie Proof

With Halloween around the corner, and possibly the Zombie Apocalypse (if the books I'm reading are correct), you might find this infographic on how to make your shed Zombie Proof very informative. For those of you who do not believe in zombies, you'll find this infographic entertaining hopefully.

Get A Look Inside Disney's Into The Woods

Disney's "Into the Woods" is getting closer to its release date and fans are getting really excited. Into the Woods is a modern twist on the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Fans of the musical will know it covers the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel.

Vicarious - A Step Closer to the Future

The drive to improve artificial intelligence is still burning on all cylinders and according to the guys mentioned above, the Vicarious Company is the competitor to watch out for. It launched in 2011 and numerous other, rather famous, investors are all participating in its possible success.

Watch The Antares Rocket Explodes On Liftoff

My guess is someone is getting fired today as NASAs Antares rocket explodes on liftoff on Tuesday, October 28th. This unmanned rocket was set to resupply the ISS with food and equipment. Image via ABCNews

Hugh Jackman Battles Cancer Scare a Third Time, Illustrates Dangers of Pollution

It was announced this week that Hugh Jackman is currently being treated for skin cancer for a third time. Geeks know the actor as "he of the adamantium claws," and if you have followed Jackman's career, his interviews, or even his social media accounts, you've probably noted that his actions and mannerisms indicate that he is a grounded and nice guy in real life.