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Brain Training

A list on brain training apps, software and online courses
How does Brain Training work?

Brain training works to enhance intelligence (IQ) along with other cognitive abilities. What separates SMART brain training is our scientific research into the very specific tasks that stimulate th...

he Brain training and brain fitness blog from RaiseYourIQ
Articles from psychologists on brain training, brain fitness, intelligence, improving memory, raising IQ and brain health developments in science.
N Back Training
N-back or dual n-back brain training is a game targeted at improving working memory and fluid intelligence. This brain game focuses concentration by typically displaying a figure on a board, the figure then appears in different positions and the player has to remember the position of the figure one turn or two turns back.
5 Ways to Improve Brain Fitness

Brain fitness not only impacts our mental health but our overall health, ability to cope with stress and whatever life throws at us. 5 ways to improve brain fitness is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are real and tangible things that any person can do during the day or from home.

IQ Tests are not fair

Research conducted by Professor Adrian M. Owen of Western University, Canada, and recently published in the neuroscience journal Neuron, has corroborated many studies that point to the fact that intelligence is made up of several components such as short-term memory, reasoning and language ability.

The Smart way to do brain training?

What is the SMART way to do brain training that get get results? SMART STANDS FOR: Strengthening Mental Abilities with Relational Training The SMART brain training online course is a revolutionary behavioral learning tool for adults and children developed by RaiseYourIQ psychologists, scientific researchers and is based on research into Relational Frame Theory...

Business People Benefit From Brain Training

Yes, RaiseYourIQ have 1000's of business people using the SMART brain training course. Brain training is used by the business community to help not just with improving IQ and mind mapping but in ev...

Brain training for Children

Parents and teachers ask our psychologists is brain training suitable for children and students to help improve their IQ or to assist them in their education. The idea that our Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is an inherited trait that is fixed for life is a mistaken one.

Brain Training Free Exercises

Brain training free lessons that can help improve your IQ. At we are passionate about improving the intelligence levels of all people so these free brain training teasers are a great i...

Smart brain training in education

How SMART brain training can be used in education and schools

Brain Games

The brain games industry is full of punch lines like "Give your brain a workout" or "Games that sharpen your mind", punch lines that have little scientific evidence or academic research to support the claims. The brain games industry has been hijacked by software gaming companies hoping to sell thousands of apps leaving the real science based brain health companies wondering should they jump on the bandwagon.

Health, Wellness and Tech -- and Get some Headspace

Our last meetup was a real treat. Joining us live from California to talk about Health, Wellness and Tech - and Get some Headspace - was co-founder of Headspace, Andy Puddicombe. The full text of our conversation is here as there's a lot of insightful information - on meditation, start-ups and Andy's own journey.

Will Brain Training Improve My Child's IQ

SMART brain training from RaiseYourIQ can help improve children's IQ. In a recent study group carried out by the psychology team at RaiseYourIQ, eight educationally challenged children started our ...

SMART Brain Training Presentation to Association For Contextual Behavioral Science

At this year's 2014 Australia/New Zealand annual conference for Contextual Behavioral Science, keynote speaker Dr. Bryan Roche, of Maynooth University, Ireland and co-founder of RaiseYourIQ, outlined the evidence for a new online intellectual skills training programme, called the SMART brain training programme, that can increase IQ or intelligence to a degree that Dr. Roche refers to as "life-changing".

6 Ways to Power Up Your Brain

Everybody knows that it is important to have a healthy body so you live a long, productive life, but what about your brain health? How can you increase your brain power with your everyday activities? How can you fuel up your brain?

Brain Training Free Lessons

Brain training free lessons that can help improve your IQ. At we are passionate about improving the intelligence levels of all people so these free brain training teasers are a great introduction for kids or adults to challenging your brain to be smarter and fitter. Download the brain training lesson below, it is completely free, no email or sign up required and we hope these lessons will be useful to teachers, parents, kids, adults, in fact anyone who cares to reach their reaching their intellectual potential. The brain training free lessons is a .pdf file containing a series of brain exercises that you can do at home, while relaxing, in a classroom or maybe even as a team building exercise!

Brain Training

Schools, teachers and kids now see brain training as a serious intellectual skills course to help improve intelligence (as measured in IQ test scores) and brain fitness. So What Is Brain Training? RaiseYourIQ believes that brain training is about teaching people to learn.

Brain Training Free * Brain Training

Brain training free lessons and exercises that can help improve IQ. At we are passionate about improving the intelligence levels of all people so these free brain training teasers are a great introduction for kids or adults to... | Brain Training | online brain training

Brain training can help develop building blocks needed for maths and reading

A recent article in The Conversation by Emma Blakey addressed a widespread concern about exaggerated claims made by developers of brain training products. Blakey correctly pointed out that the evidence for the effects of brain training on children's performance at school is weak.

Can Brain Training Help Seniors

Published research shows that brain training can help seniors and adults to maintain a healthy brain. Psychologists and neuroscience insights show that brain cell connections really do grow in resp...

Can I Increase or Improve my Intelligence?

People who have completed the SMART brain training course have seen an average 20-50 point increase or improvement in intelligence or IQ (in both formal IQ tests and IQ assessments). The whole prin...

Brain Fitness

To key to brain fitness is to schedule in a few times a week to complete the modules on the SMART brain training course. The fitter your brain becomes, the easier learning becomes. Brain training i...

Brain Training from RaiseYourIQ

Brain Training using SMART (Relational Frame Theory) . How to raise your IQ on a SMART online brain training course.

Dr. Bryan Roche on the science behind SMART brain training

Dr. Bryan Roche's explains the fundamentals of Relational Frame Theory and how SMART training can increase Intelligence (IQ scores) in a pre-recorded keynote...

Brain Training App

SMART brain training is much more than a brain training app, it is a complete brain training course delivered in a game format. The user can conduct the course online on most computer devices. SMAR...