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GMO Sources for Facts vs Fiction

Credible sources on GMOs Facts not Fear. Resources for your research into food and agriculture biotechnology, aka GMO, Genetic modification, Genetic engineering as it applies to food, farms and crop production.

Applied Mythology

What if much that you think you know about agriculture, farming and food isn't actually true? What if there are "myths" that have been intentionally and mostly unintentionally spread about these issues? What if the truth about these issues matters for the future of humanity? *Blog host, writer and owner is Dr. Steve Savage *

Skepti-Forum Network

Hi there! Welcome to our Skepti-Forum webpage. Skepti-Forum is a platform for engaging in critical discussion of public science issues. Our community applies scientific skepticism and reasoning to various scientific topics, especially to those subjects surrounded by confusion, misinformation, and misconception. Our volunteer project is based on the idea of collective puzzle-solving and a mutual exchange of ideas.

Their main hub has several great GMO Skeptic sites and Facebook pages.

GMOAnswers - Your Questions on Health and Safety of GM Food and Crops

***Resource for the basics and mid-level questions on on GMOs, biotech and how it applies to food and crop agriculture. *
GMO Answers is dedicated to creating an open dialogue on the topics of biotechnology and GMOs in food and modern agriculture

Regarding those mistakes made by science...

***It's all about the Science* Hunting psuedoscience in the internet jungle**

I know I shouldn't use the conspiracy theory fallacy when talking about the pseudoscience-pushing science deniers, who are the bread and butter of topics for skeptics. But, when I keep observing the same ridiculous and insanely illogical arguments used in the same manner by all of the deniers, I begin to wonder if they don't get together annually at the International Society of Pseudoscience meeting, usually held in Sedona, Arizona, ground zero of woo.

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Source for Peer Reviewed Science

PubMed comprises more than 23 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites.