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iPad Classroom Management Tips

9+ Tips for Managing iPads in the iClassroom - A Haiku Deck by Lisa Johnson

Tips and Best Practices for managing iPads in the classroom.

10 iPad Management Tips and Tricks

With a 1:1 iPad initiative in full swing, I encounter many questions each day from classroom and file management to queries for the best apps for mind-mapping and annotating PDF's. As an ed tech group (aptly named the iVengers by our fearless leader Carl Hooker), we band together to address these issues and provide solutions.

I Declare an... iPad Oath

So... we have reflected, oriented, and even fostered formative assessment. Think this might be a good time to solemnly declare... an oath. These previous posts (linked above**) have laid the ground work to prepare for a transformative year with mobile devices.

Tech Classroom Management Tips - Forrestville Valley Instructional Technology Department

Remember, it is still YOUR CLASSROOM. These tips may be used to help embrace the new technology in your classroom. Common iPad Classroom Management Questions [1]: How do you begin class? Do you always have the kids take their iPads out?

1:1 Teaching

Teaching in a 1:1 computing environment can be a very different experience from what you are accustomed to as a classroom teacher. Certain teaching strategies may help you to adapt to this new model. Others may not. What is your teaching style?

5 Best Practices for Managing a 1:1 iPad Classroom

Here's a new app for monitoring students in a 1:1 iPad classroom: it's called Two Feet/Two Eyes. Just kidding, don't go searching for it on the App Store! I'm actually referring to the classroom management strategy of being aware of what your students are doing (with your two eyes) and moving frequently throughout the room (with your two feet).

Common iPad Classroom Management Tips

The following classroom management tips may be used to help embrace the iPad technology in your classroom (Teaching and Learning 1to1, n.d.) . Make sure kids know and understand instructional...

Secondary iPad Management by Heather Kilgore

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Classroom Management with iPads

iPads Classroom Managementstrategies Set up clear iPadexpectations and procedures: iPad musts... Student Apps are an experiment-evaluate at end of year.Encourage classmates appropriate use of Apps during class.Non-educational Apps can be removed, several staff have removed student Apps.Consistency for rules and for procedures. Place procedures on walls.Walk around.

Nocking The Arrow

Yesterday, a frustrated teacher pulled me out of a meeting requesting assistance. She explained that there were several students in her classroom playing games on their iPads. Her frustration and sense of helplessness was evident in the tone of her voice and the look on her face.

Classroom Management in a BYOD or 1:1 Environment

Classroom Management in a BYOD Environment

1:1 Classroom Management in the High School

Presentation for high school teachers on technology integration and classroom management with laptops in class.

Embark: Your iPad Intro

iPad/iTouch Rules for STAFF Assign students or groups the same iPad/iTouch each time. All iPads/iTouchs must be checked back in before students may leave the classroom. If one is missing contact an administrator immediately. Always review the Student rules before handing out the devices to the students.

6 Strategies for Managing Behaviour in an iPad Classroom

Classroom management is one of the number one topics discussed in iPad schools, by principals, teachers and parents. Many teachers I have met, many of who have taught for years, are afraid to use the iPads for any new tasks in case it causes classroom management issues.