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Updated by Fusion 360 on Nov 20, 2014
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8 Ways to Improve your 5k Speed

When it comes to running a 5k, everyone wants to be as fast as possible. However, increasing speed isn’t as easy as just running faster. It takes time, practice and a few tricks. By utilizing these eight strategies, running a 5k can be done faster than ever, without causing injuries or pushing your body too hard.




The length of your stride can determine how much ground you cover. By widening your stride, you will be able to go farther in a shorter amount of time. During your training, practice technique skills like skipping and do short hill repetitions as well.


Running long and running often is the best way to get in shape for a 5k and get faster in the process. Mix up your weekly training between a variation of long, medium and short runs that also vary in intensity.

Long Run

To get faster, going for a few long runs throughout the week is a must. Increase the length of your long run every two weeks to push yourself.

Speed Workout

The best way to improve pace is to do speed workouts. By incorporating these into your training regimen, you will be able to set a desired pace per mile and reach for it by getting the timing of your quarter mile down.

Warm Up

One of the most crucial aspects to running a 5k is the warm up. Warming up can consist of walking for three to five minutes before beginning to run. This helps gradually raise your heart rate and gets blood flowing.

Cool Down

Another crucial element to training for a 5k is the cool down. After completing a run, make sure to slow to a jog for 10 minutes and then walk for five to get your heart rate down in a healthy manner.

Race Pace

Four to six weeks before the race, set realistic time goals to reach. Then, time yourself as you go on your runs to see if you can reach those goals. Remember not to push yourself too hard during training or your body might be too exhausted to make it to the actual race.

Injury Prevention

The most crucial element to any running training is injury prevention. It’s healthy to push your body to its limits, but don’t go overboard. Stretching, hydration and icing shouldn’t be overlooked.




Rachel Wood writes for Mettis Trainer. She is a writer at Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google+.

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