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Best Wine Cocktail Recipes

Nothing ages like a fine wine. And whether or not you have ‘acquired’ the lure and scent of a vintage wine, an idiosyncratic melange of wine and the other liquor forms will surely leave you a bit fuddled. Pleasantly so.

Be Bubbly! 3 Trendy Twists on Champagne & Sparkling Wine Cocktails

Nothing sets a mood like a chilled glass of sparkling wine. Sparkling wines can easily elevate any occasion or turn a moment romantic, as well as whet your appetite before dinner. If you're looking for a few unexpected twists to liven up your bubbly, look no further.

Be Ombibulous Wine Cocktail

Share"I'm ombibulous," H.L. Mencken famously wrote. "I drink every known alcoholic drink and enjoy them all." Mencken wrote this, of course, during simpler times: Namely, Prohibition. In those dark days, a drink was a drink was a drink.

Pomegranate and Cranberry Bellinis Cocktail Recipe

LiveinStyles brings you the recipe of Pomegranate and Cranberry Bellinis,delicious wine cocktail drink that can be served on any cocktail party and occasion...

Cava cocktail with passion fruit vodka - One Martini

I picked up a bottle of Cava on one of my many trips to the booze store this month. I knew I wanted to create a Cava cocktail with it but I didn't have anything specific in mind. So, after a few attempts (some successful, others not so much), I came up with this Passionate Kisses Cocktail.

Santa Sangria Cocktail Recipe | Santa Sangria Cocktail Cocktail - LiveinStyle

Santa Sangria is a fruity cocktail made by blending Green Apples, Raspberries, Rose Syrup and Pomegranate Juice. This jolly beverage is especially made for Christmas celebrations and is specifically served in Champagne Glasses. This cocktail is ideal for s girls' night out or a holiday gathering. Sangr...

Amarettine Cocktail Recipe

LiveinStyles brings you the recipe of Amarettine,delicious wine cocktail drink that can be served on any cocktail party and occasion...

Ginger Champagne Cocktail Recipe | Ginger Champagne Cocktail Cocktail

Ginger Champagne is a spicy concoction made by blending Ginger, Anise, Spices and Champagne. This sweet and spicy drink is found on the menus of different bars and restaurants around the world. This concoction is known to have a signature gingery flavour. Sugar and ginger is heated with water to make the gin...

Clementine, Whiskey & Wine Cocktail #SundaySupper - Foxes Love Lemons

Clementine, Whiskey & Wine Cocktail #SundaySupper What's the most creative cocktail you've ever had? One of my favorites is from Local Kitchen & Bar, a relatively new restaurant in my hometown of Ferndale, Michigan. It's a drink made with a combination of whiskey, citrus juices ad simple syrup.