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Industrial Oxygen Plant

Industrial application of oxygen gas plant in instance water process, ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous metal refinery, coal mines, pharmacy, chemical processing industry production, solid garbage burning, concrete production, glass cutting and medical set ups etc.

Medical Oxygen Gas Plant Manufacturers in India

We are Manufacturer and Supplier of Oxygen Gas Plant, Industrial Oxygen gas filling Plants for Medical used with high Purity Oxygen upto 99.99%.

Liquid Oxygen Plants

We Are Leading Supplier And Exporters Of Liquid Oxygen Plant, Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Separation Plant And Oxygen Gas Production Plant.

Oxygen Nitrogen Plants

We, at Universal Boschi, manufacture and export oxygen nitrogen plants as per the latest technology along with designs and drawings of the Company ING. L. & A. BOSCHI, ITALY. The Boschi technology has been proven worldwide for its working efficiency, high performance & trouble free operation.

Liquid Oxygen Nitrogen Plant

Universal Boschi manufactures and exports liquid oxygen-nitrogen plant in technical collaboration with ING. L. & A. BOSCHI of ITALY. Apart from the efficiency & trouble free operation, the Boschi technology is popular for other features too, including durability and longevity. Universal Industrial Plants Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Cryogenic Air Separation Oxygen Plant

Manufacturer And Suppliers Of Cryogenic Air Separation Unit, Liquid Oxygen Nitrogen Producing Plants And Industrial Gas Separation Plant In India.

Acetylene Plants

Universal Industrial plants Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd. in technical collaboration with ING. L. & A. BOSCHI of ITALY manufactures, supplies and exports acetylene plants since 1985. Under the guidance of Dr. Boschi of Italy, our company designs and develops the plants in sync with the international standards and ISO norms. The Boschi technology is worldwide popular since 1930 due to its a number of features such as reliability, functionality and durability.

Industrial Oxygen Gas Generators

We are Manufacturer and Supplier of High Purity Oxygen Generator to produce upto 99.99% Oxygen Purity for Medical/Industrial Applications.

Oxygen Cylinder Filling Plant

Universal Boschi started manufacturing of cylinder filling oxygen nitrogen plants with Italian engineers from BOSCHI at its production units in New Delhi. Our engineers have years of experience in the domain of designing, manufacturing, supplying, erection and commissioning of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Acetylene plants. In addition, we acquire designs & drawings from ING.

Liquid Nitrogen Plant

Liquid Nitrogen Plants- Exporter and Supplier of Oxygen Plant india, Nitrogen Gas Plant designing and manufacturing in India.


Search Oxygen Plant Manufacturer & Supplier of Oxygen Plants in India

Search Oxygen Plant Manufacturer & Supplier of Oxygen Plants in India

You will find scores of oxygen plant manufacturers & suppliers in all over the world, but you should not just contact a company online and purchase the machine as there are a number of things you need to verify such as technology, pricing, guarantee and many more. Entrepreneurs and corporate houses from all over the approach India as the country is home to a number of manufacturers and suppliers.

PSA Oxygen Plant

PSA oxygen generators plants are made available for final use only after checking the each component by technical teams. PSA oxygen plants and oxygen generators are our small capacity plants, which are small in size and thus easy to carry from one place to another. PSA oxygen plants manufacturer, supplier, exporter in in Argentina, Angola, Colombia, Cameroon, South Sudan, Uganda, Oman, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Libya, Brazil, Peru, Nepal, Oman, Egypt, South Africa, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Venezuela, Guyana country.

Oxygen Cylinders Suppliers

Manufacturer and exporter of gas filling station, oxygen nitrogen gas cylinders filling unit suppliers from India at best price. Features of our oxygen gas cylinders: Stainless steel welded body and tank, Stabilizing pressure safety valves, Multiple layer insulation system, Employed in storage and transport of liquefied air gas product (lo2,ln2,lar), Vacuum by advanced high diffusion pump, Advanced helium mass spectrum technique for checking vacuum, As inner tank of stainless steel so widely employed in hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, biology, chemicals, ships, foodstuff, energy, scientific labs, etc.


PSA Oxygen Gas Plant Manufacturer Suppliers

PSA oxygen generation plant is used for producing oxygen for consumption in industries and hospitals. However, there are two methods for generating oxygen- PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) and cryogenic distillation technology. However, PSA oxygen plant is used for producing oxygen on a smaller scale with low purity as compared to the cryogenic distillation which is used for generating high quality oxygen with purity as high as 99.7%. Oxygen is used in large number of industrial applications. The industries either meet their oxygen supplies through the industrial gas networks or through setting up their own oxygen plants.

Small industries meet their oxygen demands by subscribing to piped gas or by getting oxygen cylinders. Oxygen is known as the 2nd largest industrially consumed gas. Getting the supplies through cylinders or pipes can get delayed. It is a major drawback if you are sourcing your oxygen supplies through the pipes or cylinders. Small industries have to depend on this method of oxygen supplies as they cannot afford to install PSA oxygen generation plant. All medium to large industries opt for installing PSA oxygen plant. Such industries incur huge losses if there is a delay in the delivery of the gas. As compared to the small industries, they can also afford to pay PSA Oxygen Plant Cost, which is significant. The industries mostly buy the plants from the acclaimed oxygen plant manufacturers. Our company makes oxygen plant, air separation plant and oxygen nitrogen plant, cryogenic air separation plants, PSA nitrogen plant, acetylene gas plant, medical oxygen plant.

Manufacturing and fabrication of PSA oxygen generating plants require considerable technological, engineering and designing expertise for building high quality plants. PSA oxygen systems are fabricated on a small scale and are used only in applications where oxygen with low purity is required. It is based on the vacuum pressure swing adsorption. Cryogenic distillation method is used for producing high purity oxygen on a large scale. Cryogenic oxygen plants are used in industries that require oxygen on a large scale with high purity. It is based on the process cycle of Linde & Claude. Most of the well-known oxygen plant manufacturers use this process with some improvements all over the world. With the high quality PSA Nitrogen Plant and PSA nitrogen generation plant, PSA oxygen plant, we have been awarded with numerous certifications, including CE.

PSA oxygen generating plants are fabricated using the most advanced technology. While making the purchase PSA oxygen plant, you must check out if the manufacturer has got the access to the latest technology. In fact, most of the well-known oxygen plant manufacturers use the same technology that is used globally by the leading industrial gas plant manufacturers including Europe and the US. We are a manufacturer and supplier of oxygen plant with latest technology and Italian designs.

Liquid Oxygen Plant Manufacturers

Liquid oxygen plants are preferred by most of their industries for generating oxygen for industrial applications. Most of the liquid oxygen plant manufacturers use the best raw materials in the fabricating of the machinery. It is manufactures using the process cycle of Linde & Claude, which was pioneered in 1930 but has since been greatly improved upon. Cryogenic distillation technique is used in the manufacturing of the machinery. The machinery is used in wide range of industries including metal production, aerospace, healthcare, oil & gas, chemical, glassware, pulp & paper to the pharmaceutical and petroleum. Oxygen is said to be the second most consumed gas in the industry.

Industrial Oxygen Cylinder Filling Plant

Oxygen production is a big industry as the gas is used in large number of industries. As it is used in a large number of industries, it is known as the 2nd largest industrially consumed gas. The industries use oxygen gas cylinder filling plant for producing the gas for running their industrial operations.

Industrial Oxygen Plant Manufacturers & Suppliers

Oxygen plant is an industrial system used for production of artificial oxygen. Industries need oxygen for continuing their manufacturing operations with any interruption. There is a wide range of industries that use oxygen including steel making, metal production, aerospace, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, petroleum, welding, grazing, cutting, healthcare, etc. Finding a reputed oxygen plant manufacturers are important. Buying from a reputed manufacturer you remain assured of the quality of the plants.

Industrial Cryogenic Oxygen Generation Plant

Cryogenic oxygen plant is an industrial system that is used for producing oxygen for industrial and medical applications. Oxygen plant manufacturers manufacture, fabricate and supply oxygen generation plants. The acclaimed manufacturers use advanced technology in the fabricating of the machinery.

How Do Plant Make Oxygen?

Oxygen generation plants are used in wide range of industries to generate oxygen for industrial and medical applications. Every customer looks for a reputed oxygen plant manufacturer when he wants to purchase the machinery. There are so many manufacturers in the market but all of them are not known for producing quality oxygen systems. However, it is not difficult to find acclaimed oxygen plant exporters. All you have to do is use your intelligence and knowledge of the oxygen machinery while you are searching for a supplier.

Oxygen Cylinder Filling Plant Cost in India?

Oxygen cylinder plant is an industrial system that produces oxygen for generating oxygen for industrial and medical applications. There are so many oxygen plant manufacturers that offer competitive oxygen cylinder filling plant cost in India. Filled as the market is with so many supplier but all of them are not known for selling quality oxygen machinery at fair prices. The plant machinery is fabricated and manufactured using advanced cryogenic distillation technology based on the process cycle of Linde & Claude, which was developed in 1930 and is still being used with numerous modifications.


Oxygen Gas Production Plant Manufacturers

Italian based new oxygen gas production plant manufacturers, oxygen gas manufacturing plant supplier company in India. We are well-known for fabricating, designing and manufacturing oxygen gas plants, nitrogen gas plants and acetylene gas plants using the latest available technology.

Manufacturing Oxygen Plant Machinery for Industrial & Medical - Oxygen Plant

Our company is acclaimed for manufacturing and fabricating oxygen plant machine with materials and components that meet ASME standards. Our oxygen machinery is perfect for refilling oxygen cylinders via oxygen plants. It goes without saying that oxygen is essential for running various industrial processes. Industries now prefer producing on-site oxygen for meeting their oxygen requirements. Hospitals also install oxygen machines for ensuring continuous supply of oxygen for meeting emergency and other medical requirements. Our machinery is able to generate oxygen with purity up to 99.7%, which is considered sufficient for meeting medical and industrial specifications. Our machinery is fabricated and exported in technical collaboration with an internationally well-known Italian company, ING. L. & A. Boschi.