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Essential Tips When Choosing for PDC Drill Bits

Hard Metals: (PDC) Drill Bits

The use of PDC drill bits for drilling has been around for many years. Originally very expensive, the manufacturing techniques have been refined and PDC bits are now far more cost effective, often showing significant economic advantages over tricone, regular drag and percussive bits.

The Uses of Bench Drilling Machines

A bench drilling machine is more commonly found in a machine shop than in someone's garage or casual work shop. These machines are large and stationary, often the height of the user if not taller. They require a power source and can sport a variety of different bits to drill a number of different holes.

Oil Drill Bit Specifications | eHow

Drill bits used in the petroleum industry are specially designed and engineered for boring or cutting into rock during oil exploration. They penetrate geological formations until a reservoir trap, or pocket, is reached. This could yield a dry well or a productive oil reserve. Various drill bits are used to get the job done; subsurface temperatures...

What are Drill Bits?

Drill bits are cutting tools that are made to fit into a rotating drill. A drill, fitted with a bit, is used to cut cylindrical holes of many different sizes in many different materials. The terms and drill bit can be confusing, as sometimes they are used to describe both the cutter holder (drill) and cutter (bit) itself.

Types of Drills and their Uses

Did You Know? The 'primitive awl' is believed to be the first drill invented by man. A drill is one of the most essential tools to have in your garage. This versatile tool has come a long way in terms of design and utility.

How to Use a Drill Safely

Edit Article Drills are very powerful and potentially dangerous tools. They can just as easily put holes in your walls or holes in you so follow Home-serve's safety tips to keep yourself intact. Always always, always check for any electricity cables running through the wall before you start drilling.

How to Choose Twist Drill Bits

I headed into my highly sophisticated drill analysis laboratory (my garage) and scientifically tested four types of 3/8-in. twist bits: a $2.75 high-speed steel bit, a $6 "black oxide" bit, a $7 cobalt bit and a $9.50 titanium bit.

How to Choose the Right Drill Bit

Edit Article Choosing the right drill bit can sometimes be a little difficult. There are many type drill bits for drilling everything from granite and concrete to stainless steels and wood. Know what you will be drilling with requires. Keep the drill bit and the wood cooler during the drilling process.