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Choosing the Right Advertising and Marketing Agency

Flyers Direct: Marketing Agency, Sydney

Our letter boxes distribution team have been working alongside FlyersDirect for many years and they understand the importance and responsibility of their role in contributing to the commercial outcomes of a direct marketing campaign. Read More Specialising in direct mail marketing, FlyersDirect is a Sydney based integrated marketing communications agency that works with a diverse range of clients to market their products and services.

Marketing Agency Roles & Responsibilities

Marketing agencies are responsible for developing communications and branding strategies for their clients. Members of the ad agency account or client services department lead strategy development efforts. They incorporate their expertise to find strategic tactics and "ways in" to establish a brand platform their clients can own.

What Is a Specialized Advertising Agency? | eHow

Advertising agencies fall into two broad categories -- full service agencies and specialized agencies. Full service agencies offer a complete range of advertising-related services across all media and all market sectors. Specialized agencies fall into three further categories -- independent agencies offering a limited range of services such as...

In Advertising, What is a Creative Brief?

In advertising, a creative brief is the outlined instructions for work to be done by the agency's creative team. It will usually include any research needed as well as a basic schedule and deadlines for each part of the creative process.

How to Choose the Right Content Marketing Agency

By Chuck Frey published February 4, 2014 Hiring an agency has always been more of an art than a science. And, according to the participants of a recent #CMWorld Twitter Chat with Paul Roetzer (@paulroetzer), author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint, it has become even more challenging in the era of content marketing.

How a Marketing Agency Can Help Your Small Business

Hiring a marketing agency could be what you need to take your small business to the next level. Letting go is hard to do if you've been handling all of your business tasks. Once you understand the benefits that a marketing agency can offer, you'll wonder why you didn't use one early on in your business.

How to Understand Marketing

To many businesses, marketing can seem like a mystery. It is often complicated and confusing to many individuals. There are far too many marketing professionals who are hung up on just one or two specific aspects of marketing. These...

How Does an Ad Agency Work?

You have cursed as an advertisement interrupts as it is your favorite television show. You have also marveled at the sheer creativity or inventiveness on display in a brilliant advertisement. How does an advertising agency function? Advertising agencies provide clients with the service of promoting the products and services that they have an offer.