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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Oct 16, 2014
Headline for Bringing the 90s Back from the Dead: 10 90s Pop Culture Costumes for Halloween
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Bringing the 90s Back from the Dead: 10 90s Pop Culture Costumes for Halloween

This Halloween is all about bringing back the decade that gave us online music sharing, plaid everything, the saying "as-if", and Alanis Morissette's angry break up song of the century. You can go as your favourite character, like Angela from My So-Called Life, or as an idea, like whatever teen spirit smells like.

Pregnant Marge from Fargo

Marge is one of the smartest, and coolest female characters to ever hit the big screen. She's one that would be underestimated upon first glance, but her quick wit and skills have her ahead of the game. She is unlike the usual masculine-coated cop we see in movies, and that alone is what makes her, and this film, so interesting. It changes everything.

Reservoir Dogs

Some suits from a thrift shop, nicknames like crayons, and a strut. Don't forget to memorize some quotes.

The Napster Cat

This one might be a bit difficult, but if you have some painting skills and a love for anarchy mixed with free music, the Napster Cat is the costume for you. The link attached is a mask how-to, but it's pretty basic so the rest is up to you.

T-Rex from Jurassic Park

Your costume is probably not going to look exactly like the T-Rex from the movie. I'm sorry, but we just can't have everything we want in life. You can, however, make a T-Rex costume and get one of those "Hello My Name is" name tags and write in "The T-Rex from Jurassic Park". That'll do just fine, for laughs anyway.

A Jagged Little Pill (referencing the Alanis Morissette album)

This is another that might take some time (and explaining, but if your friends are hip, they'll get it). The link gives you costume ideas you can alter to fit. For example, you could be a pill bottle, and just write "Jagged Little Pills" on the front. You could also go as the angry ex girlfriend by singing the famous "You Oughta Know" break-up anthem, because let's face it, she did it better than Taylor Swift.

Anyone from Scream (but probably Drew Barrymore)

It's been done, but who cares? Let's do it again. Actually, let's be anything besides Frozen characters.

Hunter S. Thompson/ Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This movie has many characters: Raoul, his hallucinations, and every bat in bat country. I wouldn't stop at just the outfit, I would tie a bunch of wires to the hat and add bats on the end like they're flying around his head, just to bring the trip to life.

Angela from My-So-Called Life

This one is probably pretty easy. All it takes is a red wig, a plaid shirt, some overalls, and a painfully long romantic stare into the distance followed by an angst filled sigh. You and your friends can re-write the history of the Angela, Jordan, and Brian love triangle.

Teen Spirit (Nirvana Reference)

You can have a good time with this one. Teen Spirit can smell like the actual deodorant, like B.O., or like the back seat of your mom's 1994 Toyota Corolla. Actually, it's probably all three of those smells, all at once. If you're a big fan, you could just dress up as Kurt Cobain.

Pulp Fiction

It was the biggest movie of the decade, so do it some justice. Go as part of a group because you can re-enact some of the best scenes.